Celebrating Lampe at 60

My dear brother,

I’ve deliberately chosen this picture because it reminds me of our days in Cadbury Nigeria, where you literally left the mic for me to continue as Master of Ceremonies at company events.

Those who don’t know the standards set by Mr. Gamaliel Onosode and Dr. Christopher Kolade and the executive leadership of Cadbury Nigeria will probably not appreciate what an inspiration Lampe Omoyele (LO in Cadbury parlance) was to me, when I had to step into his shoes.

He said to me on my “baptism” day, “Look ECO, if I could do it, you too can do. CBN (Chido Nwakanma) also did it. Just focus. Avoid eye contact with CK and the Directors and just flow. I’ll stand at the back of the hall to hail you”! That was it. I did it. And true to his words he became my chief cheerleader never failing to give tips before and criticism after every event!

Lampe, you bring honor, glory, grace, and panache to the 6th floor. Give me 2-3 years to join you there!

You’re definitely one of the few good men of our generation, a rare species and rare gem! Indeed the world is justly celebrating you today.

I’m proud to call you my friend. You personify the saying that dynamites come in small packages. Small but MIGHTY! And your baritone? I’m sure people still wonder who’s speaking when you’re speaking!

You are such an inspiration to me and to many of your mates and younger friends. So blessed and so celebrated yet so unassuming. Every family should aim to get one Lampe or even half!

An absolutely authentic and polished man and professional to the core. I know where you stand on any issue without equivocation or mental reservation even by observing your body language.

God bless your new age and grant you more years, more grace, good health and happiness-and ceaseless prosperity.

Please join me to celebrate this young man!

Congratulations, Bro! Emeka Opara

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