Dreams Models Inspires Contestants at Camp

It was a beautiful experience as and enriching. Later that evening all the contestants came out in their beach wears to meet with the visionary King Model, he lectured them on all the rules of the camp, how they must behave themselves, be ready to work with all the instructors, and the facilitators.

They all went to the beach to have a beautiful experience that night, in the eyes of the contestants they where so happy because they have not had such fun before as some of the models showered encomium on King Model for making this dream a reality.

Contestants woke up to their normal routines for the day, ranging from exercise, cat-walking Training etc…

The contestants for Dreams Models were seen Cat-walking with one of the best instructors, he took turn to train them on how to walk more professionally, how to seat in the public, how to be more professionally with clients and also on big and international stages.

The CEO of King Model, also trained the contestants on how to Cat-Walk professionally, Mr. King Model, showed his prowess as he delivered electrifying and experienced Cat-Walk to the contestants as they where all marveled with his beautiful style of training! The contestants confessed that they learned so much from King Model’s teachings.

The contestants also enjoyed a power session of training with one of Nigeria’s top media personality who works in one of the Top media houses, who came to train them on “How to be relevant in the media space” the training was intense as all the contestants were so happy that they all learned something new in the media world.

The welcoming party was so lovely as all the contestants were so happy with the organisers of The King Model, for organising this amazing event.
The welcome party was hosted at the Old Berry lounge at Okun Ajah, all the the Dreams Models and Next super models contestants were seen looking so beautiful in their beautiful dinner wears, they were all looking very smart in their outfit! Everybody at the lounge couldn’t hide their excitement as they where all busy admiring all the contestants.

Later that same evening Mr. King was seen accompanied with top officials of the Nigerian Army, it added so much colour to the welcome party. There was Live Band, who came to entertain the contestants, they all danced in their native style.

The peak of the hour was when Mr. King Model joined the contestants to show them how professionally he has been in the business of modelling. Indeed the Youth can be kept busy in diverse manners and sure have a lot of talents to showcase.

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