Israel – Palestine crisis: I call for active and engaging religious dialogue in the Middle East to end blood shed – Clergy

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

The persistent war between Israel and Palestine in Gaza City has been described as worrisome.

The Presiding Bishop of the Crown of Life Bible Church, the House of David INC, Jalingo, Bishop Innocent Rubiruka Solomon stated this in statement issue to Journalists in jalingo.

The statement reads,

“It is deeply regrettable the current war between Israel and Gaza ignited by the brutal invasion of Israel and the massacre of her citizens by Hamas on Saturday the 7th October, 2023 which has today resulted to the unprecedented loss of precious lives on both sides. I pray for an end to this conflict soon.

“From Biblical perspective and historical experience, it is good that I state it here clearly that Israel is a nation founded upon God’s word and God’s promise and so cannot be destroyed.

“To destroy Israel and then hope that Israel will cease to be a nation as some people even imagine and calculate, you must first of all destroy God and His word and make His plans of no effect on earth.

“People who speak about Israel casually don’t know Israel’s Biblical, Historical and Archeological make up.

“Even if the whole world unite against Israel, which of course cannot happen, they will never win the war against Israel.

“My advise to Israel’s neighbors and countries in the Middle East and non Israelis, non Jewish who live within the borders of Israel is for them to be good neighbors with Israel and not to seek to destroy a nation God has Himself founded. Iam mentioning and hinging everything on God to affirm the God factor in the founding of Israel and indeed all nations. Nations cannot deny God but again only the correct knowledge of God can bring healing, peace, prosperity, progress and advancement of all humanity.

According to the statement, the establishment of Modern Israel in 1948 was not a historical accident neither a product of mere favours to the Jews people (who were been brutality persecuted around the world then) nor just a concocted legislation of the UN or some kind of conspiracy of some nations.

“No, It was a Divine program of God to bring back His people (The Jewish people) whom He Himself sent into exile to fulfill His eternal purpose concerning all the earth.

“Israel is not an occupying power in Palestine. Those who claim legitimacy of Palestine (The Holy Land) and continually speak of Israel as occupying Palestinian Lands are deliberately distorting facts of history, archeology and Biblical truths and such distortions cannot stand no matter the efforts of people and nations including making wars against Israel.

“The Torah, The Bible and The Quran the holy books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not in contention with the Jewish ownership of the Promise Land also called the Holy Land. So the earlier Israeli neighbors and the whole world come to terms with the Truth about the Jewish people the better for the Middle East and by extension the whole earth.

“Israel is God’s word personified. If you claim not to know God or recognize His existence and the power of His word (PROPHECIES), then read Him and His word in Israel. The greater drama of the Israeli nation will be unfolding right before our eyes in days and months and years ahead if nations fail to heed counsel.

“Let it also be understood clearly that the Palestinian Israeli conflict and by extension the Middle East conflict is insolvent because of the distorted views of the Holy books (The Holy Torah, The Holy Bible and The Holy Quran) that people were made to believe, both Jewish, Christians and Muslims. Only a return to the correct interpretation of the Holy books will engender eternal peace in the Land of God, the Middle East and the entire earth.

“I therefore call for religious dialogue and active engagement of well informed religious clerics from all the divides of our Monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) for correct interpretations and guidance in order to ensure peace in Israel and the Middle East – the statement concluded.

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