Ivo LGA Chairman Approves Immediate Installation of More Security Solar Lights and Roads Grading

Following the joy in observing and celebrating the “new yam festival”(Òriri iķèji) in Ishiagu community extraction of ivo local government area, some villages deemed necessary to pay courtesy and honor the national award winning chairman and latest winner of Logexa in the federation, the executive chairman ivo Local Government area from Ebonyi state, Hon. Chief Ajah Emmanuel Ogbonna (Confirm) on his special approach in making a difference in modern leadership worthy of emulation and general standardising the perfect direction to accommodating good reviews on the issues of mining companies bidding for operations hence the Stakeholders such approach of appreciation.

The chairman during interaction with the Stakeholders, reaffirmed the necessity of embracing peace and oneness, that suchlike accentuate rapid growth of any societal endeavours, “we are meant to carry one another and to be our brothers keep, with attitudinal change in this direction there will be a good rapport among other and such can marvelously lead to your community growth”.

Haven continuously maned the progression of community development, called the attention of necessary body to facilitate immediate action on installation of security solar system and grading of roads, to foster accessibility to farm and tighten security network in that area and seriously cautioned that security challenges encountered in recent time is appalling and illustrious sons, Stakeholders should deem necessary to crop out this evil men terrorising our community, as such agenda is for all and sundry while the government shall persistently dwell in protecting live and properties in their might without spare of any victims.

Comr. Ejiofor Egu
(Press Secretary to Executive Chairman, Ivo LGA)

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