Kano : Residents Advised on Use of Rain Water

People Advised on Use of the Rain Water

As the rainy season continues to strengthen, people of Kano state have been called upon to be cautious on the use of raining water in drinking and other domestic activities.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf made the call in a press statement issued from the information and public relations unit of the ministry, duly signed by its head, Ibrahim Abdullahi, and made available to the media outfits.

The Commissioner said that usually the rainy season comes up with cholera complications which some states in the country have already fell victims of, hence, he says, it is necessary to warn and remind the people that prevention is better that the cure.

Dr. Labaran went further to say that it is a must upon people to always examine what they take, most importantly vegetables, fruits and drinking water, emphasizing that people need to be wary in this regard in order to protect themselves from taking contaminated food or water.

“It is important for people to understand that the raining water at the beginning of the rainy season is unclean. If one must use it, it must then be purified using water treatment substances, including boiling and filtering before use. This will help greatly to safeguard people against bondage of cholera”, he admonished.

The Commissioner also enjoined people to always wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly with clean water consumption because they are mostly purchased from the markets with little cleanliness.

He then assured the stance of the administration of Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf to continue giving all the needed attention to care of the people of the state, as health is one of the aspects that the Governor accords maximum priorities.

To this end, Dr. Labaran urged people to report to the nearest health facility as soon as possible whenever they fall ill, praying for the safety of Kano state and its people against cholera and other illnesses, noting that, “We have to protect ourselves before we get Allah’s protection.”

Ibrahim Abdullahi
Information Officer
Ministry of Health
21 June 2024

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