Men, Treat Your Wife Nicely : She will be your Caregiver when Sick

After years of working as a nurse in a male medical ward, I can tell you 2 things I’ve observed.

1…. As a married man, the only person who’s going to be by your bedside when you are sick is your wife. I repeat, your wife……On rare occasions, your kids will be there. For a while though! Only your wife can leave whatever she’s doing to be with you.

Your siblings may come and go, your friends may visit, but your wife is the only one who will wholeheartedly stay with you throughout your ordeal in the hospital.

2….. The way you treated your wife when you were healthy always shows in the way she will treat you when you are sick.

I’ve seen this pattern play out daily. You see those wives who are being treated well doing everything they can to make their husbands get well. They disturb the health care practitioners, they cry, they rake, they pray, they go above and beyond to make their husbands get better.

Well, the reverse is the case with the abused wife. Her laissez faire attitude will be topnotch. You will sleep and wake up in your poo. You’ll starve. She’s just staying there for staying sake. Some will leave you in the hospital for like 2 or 3 days before returning from wherever they went to unwind.

You will report to your people, they’ll yell on the phone and still nothing will happen. One told her in-laws to come and cut her hands and place it on her husband’s buttocks to clean his poo.
You will do nothing. Your family will do nothing.
You will be helpless.

I know you must be thinking that you can revenge if she’s the one on sick bed but No you can’t…..

Why? Because you won’t be the one taking care of her during her time in the hospital. You can’t even bring yourself to sleep in the hospital.

You’ll employ the services of other people to do the job for you. Her people too will be there for her. Your children will be hovering around her.

You think I’m lying? Try walking into any hospital, compare the male wards and the female wards.
You will have a clear understanding of what I’m talking about.

Whenever I hear men brag about cheating and supremacy, I laugh.

Do not dare your woman. For you’ll pay through your nose when the time comes.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Treat your women better.

Nurse Faithwin Obioma.

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