Nigeria Belongs to all of Us – Dopah

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Nigeria is a country that belongs to its citizens.

The Director, Connectional Ministries Southern Conference of United Methodist Church UMC Rev. Micah Dopah disclose this in an exclusive chat with our Correspondent in his resident in Jalingo the Taraba State capital.

He was reacting on the statement made by some Islamic scholars through a video trending on the social media, on the appointment of Former Governor Neson Wike as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“It is high time for us in Nigeria to know that Nigeria belongs to us.

“What belongs to all, belongs to no one, so for some Islamic preachers in Nigeria who are desiring attention to be condemned President Ahmed Tinibu, castigating Wike who have been appointed FCT Minister, is highly uncalled for.

He pointed out that for the Muslim Clergies to claim the ownership of Abuja as it is there responsibility to be appointed always as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, I think this is the highest form of ignorance.

“I consider their video messages as hate speech and inciting.

“Wike is not a Cameronian, he is not from Togo, Mali or Liberia, he is from Nigeria. For one to claim that it is only Muslim that should be the FCT Minister, is not Constitutional, unfair.

According to him, before the citing of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, there were people and indigenous people of Abuja and it is their ancestral land left to them by their forefathers.

“The land belongs to them or did they give it to the Federal Government to turn it to Federal Capital Territory?

“Always they call people with different names. If they think that some people are not worthy to be FCT Minister, then let them share the FCT into two one for the Muslim and the other for Christians.

“I don’t really understand what’s going on in this country, how can a religious body claim the exclusive right to be the minister of FCT ? Don’t we have constitution in Nigeria again? Or is it a constitutional right for one religion to be FCT minister? Don’t we have indigenous people that owns Abuja before citing the headquarters of our Nation there? Muslims clerics that are spreading hate speech and sowing seed of discord in this Nation should be call to book, Calling someone “Arne” is bad, if the word Arne is bad I want to believe that “Arna” owns Abuja, before the citing of headquarters there,why didn’t they refused citing headquarters of Nigeria on Arna land? If they like let them leave Abuja because Arne is the FCT minister,If at all there two things that I will remember Tinubu for, If tribunal set him aside as the president of Nigeria, or if the judiciary will manipulate him at all cost against our collective will, I will remember him for his kind gesture of appointing southern Kaduna son as chief of defense and Wike as FCT minister. Religious leaders should be promoters of peace and not to sow seed of hatred,there is no market of radicalism and no one should claim monopoly for that,let us give peace chance, congratulations Congratulations and Congratulations to New FCT minister,what belongs to all belongs to no one.

“As one of them said that they are the ones that have been FCT Minister right from time immortal, they should count it as a privilege and not a right. If they are appointed FCT Minister, nobody grumbles because our faith teaches us to wait for everything to have its own time. If your brother is happy, let’s join him to be happy and if your brother is mourning, let’s join him to mourn. This is why if a Muslim is been appointed FCT Minister, we the Christian Clergies don’t disturb ourselves because Nigeria belongs to all of us and we keep praying for them and a time would come that one of us would be FCT Minister.

“As I am speaking, everybody knows that I don’t operate in the same line with President Bola Tinibu because the way and manner he came in.

“If the tribunal rule and step him aside, o will remember him for two things and if the judiciary retain him, I will still remember him from two things. The first thing is, the appointment of the Zangon Kataf, in Southern Kaduna State as the Chief of Army Staff, this is the right step in the right direction. This is one of the appointment that I am highly pleased with because, if for long Herdsmen have been laughing attacks on this people, killing them without fear or favor, by appointing him, if they like, let him allow them to finish his people. Secondly, the appointment of former Governor Wike as the FCT Minister. Appointing him, people are crying here and there, why are they crying?, it means that most of them that own lands in Abuja through a crooked way.

“All this years the Minster of the Federal Capital Territory have been a Muslim that means that they share lands to them through crooket ways.

“Now that they see the law would catch up with them for destroying the Federal Capital Territory Abuja master plan, they started protesting.

“When light shines, darkness vanishes. They consider Wike as the light that will expose the darkness Federal Capital Territory Abuja, that is why they are crying helter skelter.

He reminded them that Nigeria belongs to all.

“The country belongs to all of us, so they should stop making empty noise. Let us unite and promote peace for the good of our land.

“Nigerians are suffering, instead of them to pray that government to do the needful in giving people palliative that will better the lives of citizens, they are there hungry, castigating, making noise because of the appointment of Wike as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja is not fair.

“Wike is from River State, I am from Taraba State, Mummuye by tribe.

He advised the Islamic Clergies to be preachers of peace rather than instigating problem, poisoning the minds of people to create problem in the country.

He said that Nigeria is nacked.

“In Nigeria, who will tell us that we are nacked?. There was rumor here and there that the Buhari in Aso Rock is not Buhari, but another person, because we don’t love good things in this country. We are good in covering good things.

He said that recently there is a Video in circulation with the voice of America President, Joe Biden that Nigeria is nacked and have been rule by a death president for the past six years.

“This is a dangerous statement and there is no smoke without fire. I don’t know if our leaders have taking their time to verify that claim or not, when people were saying all those things, there was a condolence letter that was posted by the late Queen of England, sending the letter to Nigeria people.

“President Ahmed Bola Tinibu said before the Primaries that if he is not be allowed to rule, he will lead the Cat out of the bag. Do we have a Cat in Aso Rock that is in a bag, that if you didn’t live by the desire of the people, he will lead the Cat out of the bag?. Is it the Cat now that President Joe Biden have led out of the bag?. Those are some of the issues that our intelligent agencies should go after them and not to suffer poor masses, detaining them here and there. I consider this Video as very serious, this means that we are nacked. This is the reason why I made this post in the Facebook and I am granting this interview.

He call on leaders to investigate and go after the video rather than claiming to be ignorance.

“The video is in confirmation of what President Tinibu said that he will lead the Cat out of the bag if the power to rule the country is not giving to him – he said.

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