The Nigeria Police Personnel and The Need for Physical Fitness

The psychology in fighting crime is incomplete without mentioning a mental/physical health. This aspect of human thought can not be over emphasized.

When a man is healthy and strong, the attendant outcome is an impressive production. Hence, a fantastic policy framework and implementation is a reflection of a healthy mind and body.

This goes to compliment the saying that a healthy man, is a wealthy man. It is to say that wealth goes with health. When the country security architecture is unhealthy, it affects wealth creation and development.

The task before the police is so enormous and complicated on daily basis, considering the growing need for survival. Population explosion, Urban migration, unemployment, and technological challenges further frustrate the ability of the Police in curbing incidents of insecurity, thereby, increasing crime wave and leaving citizens at the mercy of poverty, hardship, and vulnerable.

The Police chief(001) should bring in physical fitness exercise as a program for all personnel of the force from 6am to 7am everyday which will inturn reduce health challenges that the personnel of the force faces and as well, strengthen them physically to do the job.

Many times police personnel lost their life because of the inability to navigate difficult terrain as a result of over-weight, pot belly(afo ukwu), and health complications occassioned by lack of fitness exercise.

Therefore, when fitness is being observed, practice, and inculcated as a routine before duty, it would help in building a strong, vibrant, and responsive Police force ready to face the day challenge with vigor.

Sports department should not be limited to competitions but everyday activity and six months of the Nigeria Police Fitness Test (NPFT).

The Nigeria Police Fitness Test(NPFT) as coined by me; should be used to examine and evaluate a Police Officer physical fitness. The test should consist of (5) Five events, administered in the following order:

  1. Three Repetition Maximum Deadlift
    2: Standing Power Throw
  2. Push-up
    4.Two-mile run
  3. Plankā€¦all as will be stipulated for your age.

We have observed during many occasions where officers slump and died in office, along the road, inside car, bedroom/bathroom, and in combat operation, thereby, putting untold burden on their immediate dependents and family at large. Hence, the significance of fitness cannot be over emphasized.

There is utmost need to breach the gap created by societal complicity which seem to undermine police mandate in maintaining peace and orderly society, focus is mostly targeted at preventing crime, neglecting fitness that drives the body, mind,and soul.

Physical fitness is often an integral aspect of any group that is sensitive with it’s human potential. Because the human potential pilot every other structure of the society.

The security organization in other parts of the country, sees physical fitness as number one priority and every day activity.

Thank God for the Inspector General of Police IGP KAYODE EGBETOKUN, ph.D, NPM. whom i can best describe as a man with a difference, his superb body build up and brilliant personnel driven policy making, is a testament of a sound mind, and could be liken to that of the Rtd IGP M.D.Abubakar.

It is in my humble opinion that you make policy that would encourage and promote physical fitness within the Nigeria Police Force. Let every personnel be a replica of your body build and sportsmanship, it would go along way in guaranteeing personnel mental and physical health.

Just #Negodi 001šŸ¤­

God bless the Nigeria Police Force.

Written by Nwode Nkeiruka,
February 20th, 2024.

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