UN-POLAC Reiterates Commitment to Attainment of SDG.


The United Nations Positive Livelihood and Awards Centre (UN-POLAC Foundation) says adequate promotion of peace across spheres is one of the tools towards attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals in the country.

The Director, Women, Youth and Children, United Nations POLAC, Dr. Cynthia Amaka Obiorah, stated this in a message to celebrate this year’s International Day of Peace with the theme, “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for The Global Goals.

According to her , the theme of the celebration recognized the singular and collective responsibility to promote peace in small nucleus, saying that promoting peace contributes to the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieving the goals.

Dr Obiorah notes that it will create a culture of peace and peaceful living that will directly and indirectly foster prosperity for all, unlike war and conflict that impacts on people and their economy in negative ways thereby breeding hate, poverty and hunger and fighting.

She pointed out that in countries where there is no actual war, they are gripped by gaping inequalities, especially in Africa where politicians use party differences and religious and ethnic polarization to foster hate and war in their countries.”

Obiorah added that the United Nations POLAC is dedicated to upholding the Sustainable Development Goals, saying that they recognized the critical and very crucial role that sustainable peace plays in individual lives, families, communities, society and the world at large.

She said, “Today, we call upon individuals, organizations, governments, civil society and especially youths, to consciously and deliberately promote peace and peaceful living and shun every effort of politicians and other mischief makers to using them to cause harm and mayhem in the society for their personal gains.

“The youths should, by every means possible, shun violence, crimes such as kidnapping, human trafficking and political thuggery. Rather, they should pursue peace and self-development.”

“Politicians are also advised to adopt peaceful communication and dialog for conflict resolution rather than using instruments of war and violence that will disrupt the peaceful coexistence and peaceful living.

“Let us join hands and make the world a better and peaceful place that will translate to a peaceful and prosperous world”, she emphasized.

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