My Take on the Broad Day Political Robbery Through the Judicial Banditry in Kano State.

Monday 25th September, 2023

By Sule Ya’u Tariwa (Opinion)

I am highly disappointed—in and utterly discombobulated to say a word again, about the judiciary of Nigeria. What is happening through the judicial system, constitutionalism and rule of law itself in Nigeria is bogglingly appalling.

Many have been saying that the judiciary is the last and only hope for the common man. But in Nigeria, that is not the case, the judiciary which ought to be the independent body for the protection of the will of the citizens, has become an instrument of oppression used by the higher class citizens.

People have completely become reluctant, and hopeless to even get themselves in any issue that may require judicial intervention. Because, the system only favors and works for the political honchos, scoundrels, and anyone with a token to offer. It’s very unfortunate.

What happened yesterday in Kano, is enough to tell you that Nigeria is no longer a democratic state where the judiciary functions or operates to protect the wills of the citizens; and ensure that human rights are valued, guaranteed, and protected by the authority.

I said this with no mincing words, because, no one can deductively or soberly convince me that, the process of the “case hearing” which led to the funny declaration of Nasiru Gawuna of APC as the new Governor, is conducted impartially and fairly.

I am not a legal practitioner, but I read a bit about “constitutionalism” or law as an academic enterprise. Moreso, I followed and carefully examined the process that brought Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf to power, and found no violation of the Electoral Act as amended by INEC or the constitutional provisions. Governor Yusuf was massively supported and legitimately voted by the teaming Kano citizens whose democratic choice is now at stake of being robbed.

This is not, however, the first time that the Kano people’s democratic rights have been undermined. Something, similar to this occurred in 2019 and the rest is history. They now came to repeat it.

On the other side, I can see that some irresponsible individuals have been gloating since yesterday’s judicial banditry, thinking that they are harming anyone for political affiliation. To remind those ignoramuses, laughing or celebrating the injustice against someone, is karma. It may someday turn back and deal with you as well.

We all believe that Abba Kabir Yusuf has won the election and, most importantly, has started to implement mass-friendly policies to revive the glory of Kano State. But, because, some Abuja residing demagogues have interest, that’s why they have done all they can and followed illegitimate processes with their inconsequential evidence to rob people’s mandate.

I am sincerely becoming more reluctant, and spiritually hopeless about whether or not Nigeria can be better. Because, with this kind of judicial roguishness, I don’t think, the citizens of Nigeria are different from ‘animals’ in the wild.

Different political thinkers have argued that, where there is unfairness, injustice, or oppression, the judiciary stands to be the last hope. But here in Nigeria, the political honchos use the said judiciary to rob whatever they want and at whatever time. And none of the principles of the Rule of Law as prescribed by Professor A.V Dicey is being regarded in Nigeria.

This also surmised the reason why some Nigerians are exasperatingly praying for military intervention (coup) to occur in today’s Nigeria. People have become very hopeless and helpless.

Meanwhile, the people of Kano are in poignant grief since yesterday’s illegitimate and groundless decision of the Tribunal. It’s as if, the whole Kano is in pain of what happened. Because, every compos mentis living in Kano not alone NNPP or Kwankwasiyya member senses no justice or fairness in the said verdict of the Tribunal.

Nevertheless, I suggest that the people of Kano who are emotionally mystified with what happened—, find solace in their minds and continue to pray. For, the latest verdict of the Tribunal must be challenged in a Court of Appeal. Curiously, that’s the essence of hierarchical configurations in the judiciary. One can seek redress if he is not satisfied with the decision or judgment delivered. Hopefully, things will be not the same.

I also commend the intensive efforts, concern, and caring manner of the entire Kano citizens for standing to collectively condemn this act of judicial cruelty against them. The kinds of reactions and pro-reactions I came across yesterday on social media show that Kano people are worried about that unfortunate development.

As of now, the preparations are in place. Another strong legal team is set to head to the Court of Appeal, to challenge the tangential, inconsequential, weak, jading, and prejudiced judgment delivered by the Tribunal to nullify the victory of Governor Abba Yusuf in favor of Nasiru Gawuna. This judgment must not be just, and therefore will hopefully be reviewed in the higher judicial chambers.

Sule writes from Jos, Plateau State

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