What Do You Know About Mohbad – Imole

By Linda Dooyun Kpum

Do you know this person Irelioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Imole).?

You can hardly ignore this, even if you intentionally wanted to.

That’s how it is with Light.

I didn’t know you or your face(as I don’t watch TV) just as so many people will agree with me that they heard more about you in death.

I heard your songs passingly but really loved a particular one and didn’t even think it was you on that song with Bella (Adura)

Now you are topping charts, huge sums have been raised for your family(all the people you wanted to care for while alive) they’re even considering giving you notary awards posthumously, the awards you were working to achieve.

We may not understand why you have to leave and the circumstances surrounding it but I know this:

  1. Purpose Fulfilled
  2. Your Name Fulfilled
  3. Earth Mission Accomplished
  4. Full Names Fulfilled
  5. I have learnt a few things from your life and death.

You’re on Wikipedia now Son, it was last updated today 20th September Ilerioluwa (The Promise of God) Oladimeji(Wealth and Affluence Has Multiplied )Aloba also known as Imole(Light 💡🕯️) and Stage name: Mohbad.

May your family, loved ones and teeming fans learn from your life and death, may they be Comforted.

May your light continue to shine even beyond and may your soul find rest.

Amen 🙏

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