Concerned Taraba Youths Debunk Media Report, Demand Official Apology

Concerned Taraba Youths debunk media report, demand official apology

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

A Youth group under the umbrella of Concern Taraba Youths has debunk media report publish by Taraba Truth and Facts link to the Bursar of Taraba State University, Jalingo.

The group stated this in a statement signed by its Chairman, Hon.Mohbeh Nudan and issue to Journalists in jalingo.

The statement reads in parts,

“The attention of Taraba Concerns Youth is drawn to one purported report that was released by Taraba Truth and Fact accusing some of our leaders with impeccable integrity that we so much respect in the state.

“The report alleged that Dr Abraham A. Bagu the Bursar of Taraba State University Jalingo was receiving two salaries simultaneously under the watch of Mr Polycarp Iranius the Auditor General of the state.

“Taraba Concerns Youths vehemently reject the fictitious report.

The statement urge residents of Taraba State to completely disregard the information , describing it as baseless and false.

The statement call on the public to unequivocally disregard the fabricated report that was shamelessly published by Taraba Truth and Facts Newspaper.

“This report alleges that the Bursar of Taraba State University, Dr. Abraham A. Bagu, receives a double salary from the Taraba State Government.

“However, after conducting thorough investigations, we have uncovered the truth that Dr. Abraham A. Bagu, who previously served in the office of the State Auditor General, was actually seconded to Taraba State University.

“He initially assumed the role of acting Bursar and later ascended to the position of substantive Bursar.

The statement Mr. Polycarp Iranius, as a seasoned Auditor renowned for his unwavering integrity with a trusted personality, that has been tried and tested by the government of Taraba state and the entire youth population in the state.

“We shall not permit faceless individuals to tarnish his well-earned reputation through the dissemination of false information on the fictitious media platform known as the Taraba Truth and Facts Newspaper.

“Mr. Polycarp Iranus possesses an exemplary track record spanning the past 8 years of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku’s administration, and the present administration of Dr. Agbu Kefas continues to entrust him with responsibilities due to his unblemished reputation.

“It is of utmost importance to clarify that the Bursar of Taraba State University is not receiving double remuneration, as inaccurately presented in the Taraba Truth and Facts newspaper.

“The sponsor of this sinister report may have misled the newspaper, and we urge caution and sensitivity to journalistic responsibilities.

“Regrettably, we have lost our faith in the Taraba Truth and Facts Newspaper as it no longer lives up to its name of verifying news before reporting. Instead of providing verifiable and accurate information, the paper is now contributing to the incitement of violence within our state by publishing unverified, factless and untrue reports.

“The Taraba Concerns Youth unequivocally condemns the Taraba Truth and Facts Newspaper for disseminating such a fictitious and malicious report.

“We demand that they rectify their misconduct immediately and issue an official apology to Dr. Abraham Bagu Ashaba, Mr. Polycarp Iranius, and the people of Taraba State.

The statement said that it is crucial that media practitioners prioritize responsible and credible journalism in order to foster peace, unity, and progress within the state.

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