If given the Opportunity to lead people of Taraba State I will do better because of my experience in life – Nyame

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Former Governor of Taraba State, Rev. Jolly Tavoro Nyame has said that his experience in the Kuje Prison and Hospital has taught him many lessons.

He stated this in a thanksgiving service he organised at CAN Secretariat, Jalingo.

“I feel very excited and great. This day is so special for me to meet people together, so that we could thank God. During my stay in Kuje Prison and when I was in the Hospital for over three weeks.

“What God has done for me, he will also do it for Taraba State.

“God has given us peace in my heart and family. I know it is only God that can give peace for the people of Taraba State, but we must ask for it. If you don’t ask, you will not will not get and if you don’t knock, the door will not be open.

“I learned a lot while in Kuje Prison and in Hospital, if giving another chance to lead the people of Taraba State, I will do better – he said.

“As far as I am concerned, I went to Kuje Prison not that I am convicted for any reason, but politically. I was ask to go there and I went there.

“They said, I will spend Fourteen years, but by the grace of God I came out in Four years. I have enough time to reflect about God, the past and the people that I have interacted with.

He encourage Leaders to be strong in whichever situation they find themselves.

“Even if you are going to be interrogated, stand strong because there are people that cannot withstand interrogation because of fear. So I urge them to be strong in whatever they find themselves.

In his remarks, the State Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, Rev. Isaiah Magaji Jirapiye describe thanksgiving as a welcome development to the family of the former Governor, Rev. Jolly Tavoro Nyame.

“I call on all of us to join him in appreciating God for what he has done in his life by taking him out of the Prison and Hospital safely.

He use the forum to pass his 2024 New Year message to Tarabans and Nigerians saying,

“Nigerians have suffered a lot in 2023. Things went terribly bad.

“I want to call on Tarabans and Nigerians to be prayerful and have faith in Nigeria as a country.

“Nigeria is in God’s agenda and he knows the country call Nigeria and he knows the his children are this country and he still answer prayers.

He further call on Christians, Tarabans and Nigerians despite their religion and tribe, to pray for Nigeria, adding that things will still get better.

“As we go into the New Year 2024, prepare to cut down your expenses, don’t spend anyhow, the little you get, just spare some money for days ahead – he said.

“I want to also call on the governments at all levels, Local, State and Federal to consider the wish of the masses.

“This is Democracy and not Autocracy, not a Military regime. When people are crying, a Democratic government will listen to their cry. Though there are some palliative measures put in place, but has such solve the problem?. Let government go back to the drawing board and try to strict a balance to see whether the palliative measures have solve the problem.

“Any policy that will bring hardship to the people, let government look into such policy. This is Democracy and not Autocracy or Military – he added.

In his message, the Guest Speaker, Rev. Kem David Yarnap, urge believers to imbibe the spirit of thanking God at all times.

According to him, the absence of thanksgiving exposes one to catastrophy, adding that people are ungrateful with what God has done for them.

He speak on the Topic: “Mystery of Thanksgiving” and took his scriptural readings from the books of, Romans 1:21-26, Luke 15:18-19, Genesis 18:20-22, Malachi 1:6.

He gave reasons why we should thank God to include, Honour, High exhibition of faith and Raising an Alter.

“We distop God with prayers, but when he answered, we run away from him.

“Politicians change party because of ungratefulness – he said.

“God sees faith in you anytime you give him thanks, so don’t allow anything to tamper with your thanksgiving.

“Noah made sacrifice and God heard the smell and he blessed him, so don’t allow anybody to deprive from giving thanks – he added.

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