Installation Ceremony of Isaka Ogu The 4th of Ndukwe Kingdom: Behold HRH Ezeogo Godfrey Obia Oko

By Sharon Akuboh

Finally the people of Ndukwe can heave a sigh of relief as they get a new Ezeogo. Following the installation of Isaka Ọgụ The 4th of Ndukwe Kingdom at the Ogbekwa Ndukwe Isaka Ogu Square on May 17th 2023.

We gathered that two red cap ichies from each of the four component villages of Ndukwe Isaka Ogu performed the ceremony.

INSTALLATION OF ISAKAOGU DE 4TH OF NDUKWE KINGDOM @ Ogbakwe Ndukwe Isakaogu Square was a very colourful ceremony as people gathered to watch the historic coronation.

HRH Ezeogo Godfrey Obia Oko, a retired Headmaster had paid his dues in the teaching profession, where the former governor Martin Elechi singled him out and made him a Board Member of SPEB in Ebonyi State and he gave good account of himself.

Ezeogo Godfrey Obia Oko, who started his early life in the Cameroon’s came back to Nigeria after the civil war. He attended the prestigious MacGregor Teaching College Afikpo. And would later practice the teaching career and grew to the rank of Headmaster before retiring.

He is happily married with children and grandchildren. He is loved by his people. Blessed are the people of Ndukwe to have this new Ezeogo. God grant him long life and wisdom to rule his people.

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