My Birthday Wish is to see 50% Vulnerable Nigerians Out of Poverty by 2024… Betta Edu

My Birthday Wish Is To See 50 Percent Of Poor & Vulnerable Nigerians Out Of Poverty by 2024 – Betta Edu

Nigeria’s Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu, says her only birthday wish is to see fifty percent of vulnerable Nigerians out of Multi-dimensional poverty by next year.

The Minister expressed optimism that the target was achievable given the aggressive drive of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led administration towards the reduction of humanitarian crises and alleviation of poverty in the country.

The Minister spoke Friday when the management and staff of the Ministry gave her a surprise birthday gift at the Ministry headquarters in Abuja.

Addressing the staff, friends, and other well-wishers who ambushed her for the surprise low-key birthday, Dr. Edu who was visibly taken aback by the massive show of love, said: “My Wish and the wish of the President is that by this time next year, at least 50% of the people who are poor in this nation will be out of poverty.

“This is my only birthday prayer and wish. If God can grant that to me, whatever He asks of me, I will do it.

“And I do not doubt that it is achievable. It is doable given the aggressive approach of Mr. President towards the reduction of humanitarian crisis and eradication of poverty in our country.”

Continuing, the Minister who clocked 37 Friday stressed that “for our country, we just need to continue to push harder. Our president means well, and in the depth of his heart, he means well for this nation.

“He won the presidential election against all odds because Nigerians knew he could deliver and because God knows his heart.

“God knows beyond whatever we do, we might be smiling, we might be laughing, we might be saying, we’ll do this, we’ll do that, we’ll do that one. But God knows the intention in every man’s heart and who truly means what he or she is saying.

“We are Mr. President’s foot soldiers, and we must support him to deliver on the Renewed Hope Agenda.

“Every morning when you wake up, ask yourself, what I’m doing to take many Nigerians out of poverty? If you can not answer that question, go back and rethink, take action, and pray.”

Dr. Edu used the opportunity to once again express gratitude to the President for finding her worthy to serve in her present capacity as a member of the Federal Executive Council.

“We want to thank God for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his dear wife, my mother, Her Excellency, Distinguished Senator Oluremi Tinubu, I’m very grateful to them for this opportunity.

“Last year, I had just two prayer requests, and God answered those two prayer requests. This year, I want to reduce the prayer request to one.

Last year on my birthday I said, God, make President Bola Ahmed Tinubu President of this country. That was one of my birthday prayers and wishes. And God answered it. This year, I have just one birthday wish, which is for the vulnerable Nigerians to be lifted out of poverty.

“So please, as we go about our work, let’s give our all. And let’s continue to push to see that our fellow citizens are out of poverty, even if it’s not 100 percent, let’s reach 80 percent.

“We know that the remaining 20 percent when Asiwaju comes back for the second term, he will finish it,” she remarked.

Rasheed Olanrewaju Zubair (ANIPR), Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Honourable Minister, MHAPA.

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