Niger Delta Youths & Stakeholders Coalition Commend Akpabio

Commending Senate President’s Supportive Gesture Towards Senators During Recess

The Niger Delta Youth & Stakeholders Coalition would like to take this opportunity to commend the recent statement attributed to the Senate President regarding his commitment to providing support for Senators during the upcoming recess. This gesture, which underscores his dedication to their well-being, deserves acknowledgment and appreciation.

The Senate President’s intention to ensure that Senators are well-prepared for the recess following a demanding week of ministerial screening reflects his understanding of the importance of sustaining their effectiveness and productivity. His assurance that the Senate Secretariat will deliver crucial resources, information, and guidelines via email (Prevage mails) showcases a proactive approach to facilitating a seamless and impactful recess period.

It is crucial to recognize that Senators are devoted public servants who tirelessly represent their constituents and address a myriad of issues. Just like any hardworking individual, they also require moments of respite to recharge and return with renewed enthusiasm to serve the nation.

This approach resonates with the practices in various workplaces that provide tools and support to employees during breaks, fostering a culture of productivity and well-being. The Senate President’s decision aligns with this ethos, considering the unique responsibilities that Senators shoulder.

We extend our applause to the Senate President for this thoughtful initiative and his dedication to the welfare of Senators. Such steps contribute to the overall effectiveness of our legislative system and affirm his commitment to transparent, accountable, and effective representation.

Amb. Legborsi Yamaabana
President, Niger Delta Youth & Stakeholders Forum

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