NUJ FCT Chairman Announces burial arrangements for his wife

Sweetheart, let God alone be true.
My 6th Wonder of Igala nation..
He is God. Great is Jehovah…

Sweet Heart, I could not deliver your message to my mother, your mother-in-law and friend. It was difficult to face your jist partner and say “you are in a long and deep sleep.”

Her husband suspected something was amiss. Repeatedly, He asked about you. I never answered any particular inquiry on whether you are fine (in the sense of being on this side of the divide). Daddy kept asking “Émò vbú ghámwén vbóì”, (How are your wife and children, I simply respond “égbé ràn mó.” (The kids are doing fine).

He stood up and walked outside the house and in a soliloquy, he muttered “Where is the other member of the visiting party?” I almost lost it. Trust me. Am strong, I shrugged the feeling off, and said to him with a pretentious laughter, “there is no third or more member of the party, just come back and sit down”.

Suspiciously, he asked, “how come both of you arrived at the same time when you are from different states?” I told him we planned to give them a surprise visit.

He said welcome and retired to his room. Good for me. I believe by morning, they will be more energetic and it would be easy to have some relatives and their friends around.

Mama too was suspicious, however the joy of seeing her daughter and son arriving at the same time made her happy, for her we said we left Abuja together. She filled the gap, “okay you came to Kaduna to meet him for the planned journey.”

Public power out. So she advised us to use solar power to charge. I told her we shall speak tomorrow.

Let God guide my tongue
My Love, I was with your mother, my in-law. I told her you have slept. Although she knew before my arrival. She wanted confirmation from me, whom she knows have been with you in the past 11 years.

Upon my confirmation of your deep sleep, she cried in a dirge. Emotional was her dirge my love.

Anthonia has left me.
My baby has left me alone
Anthonia left me without a bye
A baby I suffered from training her in childhood has gone.

Sweet heart, she wept.

For your dad, he told me it was a difficult news to take. A bitter pill to swallow. Then he consoled all of us with Prov 28:9

(Proverbs 28:9 KJV) reads: “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.”

Dad was strong!

Sweet heart, my mum has been calling your line. I asked Vera, your sister, to turn off your earthly line. Unknown to her we (I and my sister) are unto her.

She called me to complain. I lied to her. I told her that your phone is bad. It was a good lie. Am sure it is forgivable. I told her I will give you my phone when I get home so she could speak to you. She said Okay.

Unknown to her, I will be with her in less than an hour. I do not know how to break the bad news to her neither do I know how she would take it. You know you two have bonded over the years. Recall how on many occasions both of you reported me to yourselves.

Angel, How do I tell her?

Am sure my dad would be strong on hearing of your exit. I fear for my mum, your mother inlaw… Let us pray for her to be strong on hearing the news…

Memoires of a hurting husband.

Patrick Osaretin Osadebamwen, The Chairman, NUJ FCT Council.

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