U.S – Nigeria based Philanthropist takes Education to the less Privilege in Nigeria

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

A Nigerian based in the United States of America, Faith Johnson Krimi has taking her philanthropic activities to her mother land.

In a statement she issue to Journalists in Jalingo, she said:

“I donated a borehole with taps to the Auta Community for free water and provide 100percent scholarship to over 40 Students and subsidized tuition fees to over 200 students in honor of my father.

“The challenge I am facing is that my brother has continuously fought to deter the work I am doing for the community.

According to her, her Brother has threaten her life, which necessitated her to write to the Inspector General of Police for his intervention.

Copy of the letter made available to our correspondent reads,

The Inspector General of
Louis Edet House,
Shehu Shagari Way,
Abuja, Nigeria.
February 15th, 2024
Dear Sir,
MagnaFaith Krimi, Proprietress of Jonathan Krimi Academy, is the owner of Parcel of Land,
property and business (hereinafter the “JK Academy’s Property”), whose legal description is
KM 26, Abuja Keffi Express Road Opposite Goshen. Fiwukah Johnson Krimi Pastor at
Champion Faith Assembly, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to enter JK Academy’s
property, unlawfully enters and remains on the premises of JK Academy on February 14th,
2024 even after an order to leave or not to re-enter was personally communicated to him by
the owner of the premises MagnaFaith Krimi, legal representative Iyke Ozoemalam and other
authorized person Comfort Michael Tomola. Fiwukah Johnson Krimi intended to enter, entered
JK Academy’s property, criminally trespassed, harassed, threatened and caused damages to
and harm to students, teachers, workers and the property of JK Academy. That Dorris Ogala is
herein designated as a third person of interest authorized representative of JK Academy.
Fiwukah Johnson Krimi having no legal right, physically entered onto JK Academy’s property
unauthorized, without consent expressly and implicitly directed threats toward children, school
teachers, school personnel, workers and owner of JK Academy. That Fiwukah Johnson Krimi
damaged property, taunted, intimidated, frightened, terrorized and disrupted JK Academy and
its activities leading to unimaginable trauma caused to the teachers and workers of JK
Academy. That JK Academy possesses a viable claim of damages suffered as a result of
Fiwukah Johnson Krimi’s actions in unlawfully entering JK Academy’s property with the
intention to substantially cause harm. That JK Academy is seeking intervention through the law and Nigeria Police Force, for the injury caused by Fiwukah Johnson Krimi to JK Academy, students, teachers, workers and owner to include but not limited to loss of service confidence, loss of business and market value, costs of restoration, Loss of use of the property, damage to property, emotional distress, discomfort and annoyance. Fiwukah Johnson’s threats against JK Academy’s students, personnel and property are not only illegal, they run counter to our
nation’s core values. Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety. Fiwukah Johnson Krimi’s expression of intent to do harm and action of
violence against JK Academy has brought a lot of fear, no parent should be scared to send
their children to school and no teacher should be afraid to teach in school. Ensuring the safety of children at JK Academy is a responsibility that belongs to everyone in society and any action
short of that should be mete with fierce response.
Magna-Faith Krimi
Proprietress – letter concluded.

She said that Pastor Fiwukah Johnson of Champion Faith Assembly visited JK Academy on Valentine’s Day cause mayhem and disruption the school activities of the children and staff leading to visibly shaken and traumatized.

“By this incident, I am most relieved to report that no student or staff were physically injured.

“The school has officially reported the case to the Nigeria Police Force.

“While Pastor Fiwukah threatened that students and staff of the school must not return to continue their learning tomorrow, the Nigeria Police Force have assured us that security will be provided to ensure safety of our children, staff and property.

“May Allah guide us as we continue to provide service to our future leaders – she said.

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