Dr Nyanganji Doing Exploits With Martial Arts

By Joy Omagha Idam

Shihan. Gills Gilbert Nyanganji, PhD, stands tall, a beacon of strength and wisdom in the world of martial arts. With a doctorate in Martial Arts from the International University of San Diego, California, Dr. Nyanganji is a force to be reckoned with.

A 6th Dan in both HMAS and Shotokan Karate, he holds the esteemed title of Shihan and is honored a member of the Order of the Golden Dragon. Specializing in self-defense and Shotokan Karate, Dr. Nyanganji as dedicated his life to teaching and instructing students in the art of martial art, life and combat. Nigeria on World Map courtesy of this human machine.

Among his many prestigious positions held in the world of martial arts, Dr. Nyanganji sits on the Executive board of the united federation of martial arts UFMA as the current World Vice President of Administration, the Hanshi Mario Arthur System (HMAS) and he is also tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the African continent. Dr Nyangaji is also the current president of the Nigerian branch of the world karate and martial arts organizations WKMO.

His contributions to the development of martial arts across Africa are immense. Closely monitored and guided by his mentor, Soke Hanshi Mario Arthur, the founder of UFMA, HMMA, and HMAS, a 10th Dan degree holder with his foots and influence printed on the Times and Sands of six 6 continent in this century.

Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Dr. Nyanganji tirelessly continued the work that had begun long before him. With students now ranging from young to old, mentoring young instructors, he is committed to guiding them to fully express life and martial art’s origins rooted in African culture where it all started.

Dr. Nyanganji remains steadfast in his dedication to martial arts, carrying on the legacy of his Sensei, Aaron Samuel Okorouvo and mentor Hanshi Mario Arthur with honor and determination. At this rate Nigeria is set to take over the Martial Arts stage all thanks to Dr Nyanganji.

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