FG : Investigate Oil Spill in Uzere

FG: Investigate Oil Spill in Uzere.

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Dear sir,

In 2023, there was an oil spill in Uzere, in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, and which spread into farmlands and fishing ponds of Uzere community . The effect of that spread is that Uzere farmers and fishermen have had the means of their livelihood destroyed almost forever.

Arising from that unfortunate spill, Heritage Energy Operational Services Ltd, operating OML 30, together with representatives of the community, officials of the NOSRDA undertook an inspection of the site of the oil spill.
After that oil spill inspection exercise, there has been no report or white paper to determine the remote and immediate causes of the spill so as to forestall a recurrence of that spill.

The community affected, Uzere, contributes over 40 oil wells to crude oil production in Nigeria, yet are the butt of underdevelopment in Nigeria. There are reported cases of an outbreak of unknown diseases likely to result in an epidemic of unknown proportions if massive remediation work involving competent contractors is not carefully handled.

Let the Federal government of Nigeria intervene on behalf of the people of Uzere to prevent a crisis from that community, and which may likely affect oil production in Nigeria. The company involved, Heritage Energy Operational Services Ltd, OML 30, may assuage frayed nerves by paying compensation to farmlands and fishing lakes effected by the spill.

Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku, Abuja.

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