Gov Alia’s Cars Gift to the Judiciary : A Symbol of Support and Commitment

By Bridget Tikyaa

The Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice and Public Order of Benue State, Hon. Barr. Fidelis Bemsen Mnyim has said the cars gifts to the judiciary by the Executive Governor of the state Rev Dr Hyacinth Alia were symbol of support and commitment as promised when he assumed office.

Barr Mnyim was reacting to a query posed by Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, a distinguished Senior Advocate of Nigeria in a tweet on Monday 7th May 2024 challenging the viability of the autonomy granted to Benue State Judiciary if the State Governor was still buying cars for them.

The esteemed Professor had wondered why Governor Rev. Alia of Benue State should procure vehicles for the state’s judiciary when the funds allocated to the judiciary could be utilized for that purpose.

The Attorney General of the State elucidated that the procurement of vehicles for the judiciary constitutes an additional benevolent gesture by the Governor.

He said the gesture was particularly significant in light of the fact that Governor Alia had already granted full financial autonomy to the judiciary in February 2024, encompassing both recurrent and capital expenditures, consequent upon which the judiciary is receiving her complete share of funds accruing from FAAC and IGR, proportionate to the percentage of the budget for the month.

Barr. Mnyim emphasized that the judiciary has the financial wherewithal to procure vehicles of their choice, as the allocated funds are released to them at the end of each month.

However, in demonstrating his commitment to the judiciary, justice, and the law, Governor Alia has opted to supplement the financial autonomy with a magnanimous donation of vehicles to the judiciary.

This gesture is designed to inspire the judiciary to strive for excellence in their service delivery.

The Attorney General further highlighted that Governor Alia’s benevolence extends beyond the judiciary, as his administration has implemented various initiatives aimed at enhancing staff welfare and effective service delivery across all sectors.

“The Governor’s commitment to the welfare of the judiciary and the entire citizenry of Benue State is evident in his unwavering dedication to fostering an environment conducive to justice, equity, and progress”

The Honourable Attorney General’s response has provided clarity on the Governor’s decision to procure vehicles for the judiciary, underscoring the importance of collaboration and support between the executive and judicial arms of government.

This synergy is crucial for the advancement of justice, the rule of law, and the overall development of Benue State.

In the realm of governance, the concept of separation of powers is a fundamental tenet, ensuring that each arm of government operates within its constitutional bounds. However, this separation does not preclude collaboration and mutual support.

In fact, effective governance often hinges on the ability of the executive, legislative, and judicial arms to work in harmony, fostering an environment of cooperation and collective progress.

In Benue State, Governor Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia has demonstrated a profound understanding of this synergy, recognizing that a strong and independent judiciary is essential for the advancement of justice and the rule of law.

By granting full financial autonomy to the judiciary, Governor Alia has empowered this critical arm of government to operate with the requisite independence and efficiency.

The procurement of vehicles for the judiciary, as highlighted by the Honourable Attorney General, serves as a tangible manifestation of Governor Alia’s commitment to the judiciary and the broader justice sector.

This gesture not only underscores the Governor’s appreciation for the judiciary’s vital role but also acknowledges the challenges faced by judicial officers in the discharge of their duties.

In a state grappling with the complexities of development, security, and social welfare, the judiciary plays a critical role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring that justice is served. By supporting the judiciary through the provision of necessary resources, Governor Alia has demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricate web of governance and the interdependence of its various components.

Moreover, the Governor’s commitment to staff welfare and effective service delivery across all sectors is a testament to his administration’s dedication to the well-being of the citizenry.

By prioritizing the needs of the judiciary and other critical sectors, Governor Alia has set a precedent for effective governance, one that prioritizes the collective progress of the state over individual interests.

In the face of numerous challenges, Governor Alia’s leadership has been a beacon of hope for the people of Benue State. His unwavering commitment to justice, equity, and progress has inspired a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, fostering an environment in which the judiciary, the executive, and the legislature can work in harmony to advance the common good.

As the Honourable Attorney General, Barr. Fidelis Mnyim, has so eloquently articulated, the procurement of vehicles for the judiciary constitutes a magnanimous gesture, one that transcends mere symbolism to represent a tangible commitment to the judiciary and the people of Benue State. This gesture serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of effective governance, one that prioritizes the needs of the many over the interests of the few.

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