Flag Foundation of Nigeria : To Hold National Flag Awareness Campaign

All protocols are herein respectfully observed and duly recognised

We are elated to be the heralders of a new epoch in our nation’s history and to continue in the faith and hope of what we recognise to be the true hallmark of any truly great nation; the Patriotic devotion of its citizens.

As has been our tradition overt the past decades, we are excited to take on the crucial task of rebuilding love and confidence in the possibility of making Nigeria the country of limitless opportunities and a place where every idea is valid and initiatives can find their true berth.

The symbol of all that is great, powerful and inspiring in this regard is the GREEN WHITE GREEN FLAG

It’s a known and incontestable fact that every sovereign nation on earth possesses a national flag. It is the flag that embodies the totality of that nation’s ideals, hopes and aspirations, it highlights the national philosophy and foundational principles and represents its distinctiveness amongst the comity of nations. Essentially, a national flag for all intents and purpose symbolizes the glory, honour and dignity of a country and is its most powerful icon and identity.

In all developed climes of the world and indeed every nation intent on achieving greatness, the citizens all understand that their national flag is their identity and as such, they know to hold their flag to such awe-inspiring height so much so that an average American would readily lay down his or her life, rather than see their national flag fall to dishonour and disrepute.

It is this rationale that has birthed the National Flag Awareness Program. The Program has been initiated to effectively inspire HOPE AND REJUVATE citizen’s commitment and confidence in the Nigerian state.

Considering that the Nigerian state is itself embroiled in a litany of socioeconomic challenges, it is easy to see how and why most Nigerian do not exhibit such allegiance to country nor devote themselves to reverencing the Nigerian flag. Their aversion to such patriotic tendencies stems largely from the disaffection that permeates the social, economic political and cultural rubrics of the Nigerian state. There is, however, an emergent need to address this anomaly and get Nigerians to love Nigeria again and express it in their daily civic duties and commitment to rebuilding this nation.

To begin, it is incumbent on government and its relevant institutions to chart a new course for reigniting patriotism and love for nation.

All institutions of state must take the first step to reinvent the wheel of national progress and a shared commitment to make Nigeria work. It is imperative that Nigerians understand that the (Green and White) Nigeria National Flag is our nation’s MOST DISTINCTIVE ICON and most powerful identity that is owned and shared by all Nigerians. Nigerians must realise that when we raise the flag, we raise our collective identity and shared heritage above the narrowing prisms of tribe, religion, language, ethnicity, culture and traditions, and it a stark reminder that in the eyes of the world, WE ARE ALL FIRST AND FOREMOST, NIGERIANS.

As a non-governmental, and non-partisan organization committed to the ideals of engendering patriotism and stimulating nationalistic consciousness using the National Flag as a tool to drive home this noble objective. The Flag foundation of Nigeria recognise that allegiance to Green White Green national flag is sacrosanct. For us and essentially all institutions of state and nation, all individuals of varying tribes and tongues the flag endures as a sacred object of civic pride that binds us together in national unity and brotherhood.

FFN is committed to advancing national trust, deemphasize ethno-religious, tribal and partisan gaps, as well as encourage Nigerians to take seriously the ownership of their country. At FFN we believe that it is the fundamental right of every Nigerian, to fly the Green-White-Green National Flag with pride, honour and dignity in line with the laws, protocols and conventions on national flag display and usage.

OUR ULTIMAT GOAL: is to make patriotism the trade mark of every Nigerian, subdue ethnic consciousness, and inculcate true patriotic spirit and abiding Nationalism in all Nigerians, as encapsulated in the old National Anthem of, “Nigeria We Hail Thee. Our Own Dear Native Land, Though Tribe and Tongue May Differ, In Brother We Stand.’
A Little About Our Efforts:
On the 16th of September, 2011, Flag Foundation initiated and organized a well-attended and widely covered Nigeria National Flag Day& Flag Week in commemoration of the 51st anniversary of the National Flag which has become an annual event. This event was first of its kind in the history of our Great Country Nigeria, and it was to the delight of the Government and people of Nigeria at home and in Diaspora
In the cause of our activities over the past 18 years, we have given out over 10 million handhelds & outdoor national flags and other materials via….


Pa Michael Taiwo Akinkumi, OFR:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, with all due sense of humility and patriotism, I would love to request us all to stand up for a minute silence in honour of the designer of the Nigerian Flag, who passed on to glory few weeks ago, Pa Akinkumi, and to all others who paid the supreme price in the cause of serving Nigeria to keep this flag flying especially the armed forces men and women who stood in defence of the National Flag.

May the Lord rest their souls in perfect peace, amen.

Pa Akinkumi, whom we have just honoured, was a recipient of our gesture. It is the FFN that rehabilitated him when he was almost forgotten, popularized his condition, and consequently he was honoured by the former President Goodluck Jonathan administration

We want to further request the Federal Government to immortalize his name.

Flying the flag:

We are also calling on federal and state institutions to ensure that they hoist a clean and straightened out flag of Nigeria on their buildings and facilities. It is beyond embarrassing to see the symbol of our country, as represented in the flag, in a tattered form. When such happens, it reflects the disdain with which such establishments view and treat the country.

We are therefore pleading with such institutions to have respect for the country’s flag and eschew any act that would suggest any contemptuous behaviour on their part against the country

A Little About Our Efforts:

The FFN also wants to remind Nigerians that we have been in this advocacy for 18 unbroken years. In these years, we have given out millions of flags to schools, civil servants and religious institutions in our attempt to raise the consciousness of Nigerians towards the need to honour the flag, as well as other national assets and relics.

Today, the FFN in line with our mandate as an NGO is the voice of flag education in our schools within the country. It is with absolute humility that we can report that this organization is proud to announce that we are patriotic, unflinching in our dedication to the country, and as such we want to encourage all Nigerians to embrace the culture of respecting the flag by keeping it clean, changing it when it is worn out in accordance with global best practice on national flag usage and protocol.

In the same vein, we are encouraging Nigerians to adopt the practice of standing at attention whenever the national anthem and pledge in being recited, with their right arms on their chests.
Little efforts like this will go a long way towards lifting up the country, at least in PR, before the international community.

On the Main Reason for this Press Conference:

A Call for National Rejuvenation

Research has proven that the more citizens identify with and fly their national flag, the more patriotic they become. When individuals and institutions, communities and corporations across the private, public and informal sectors hoist the Nigerian flag high and proudly, they help to build a groundswell of rekindled passion for country. Ultimately, this shared responsibility and commitment to reverencing the National Flag will impact significantly on the way that the average Nigerian perceives, thinks and feels about the country, thus sparking off a new wave of pride and sense of patriotism.

The Flag Foundation of Nigeria in Partnership with the Political and Economic Affairs Office, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) would in October launch the National Flag Awareness Campaign. The campaign will involve the participation of the three tiers of governments, federal, state and the 774 local government level, the three arms of government, religious and traditional institutions, schools at all levels, CBO’s, CSO’s, NGO’s, friends of Nigeria, the Diaspora community, Political Parties as well as, the organised private sector. Also, Trade Unions, Professional Bodies & Institutions, Market Men & Women Associations, Town Union & development Associations, etc. The first leg will run from October 2023 to October 2024. This is to ensure proper re-awakening of national consciousness in all Nigerians.

The National Flag Awareness Programme is designed to;
Physically demonstrate the spirit of patriotism by proudly displaying their National flag.
To use the National Flag as a medium of communication to reach out to all Nigeria citizens, mobilizing, galviancing, sensitizing, all and sundry to contribute their best in whatever capacity, collaborating, supporting and cooperating with government at all levels to move Nigeria forward. This program’s main thrust, is to positively engage Nigerians to come alive with their duties, responsibilities & obligations to the Nation. This includes Asking government questions and demanding answers, hold government accountable as part of their patriotic duties in accordance with the constitution
We would also demand that government should be honest with the people as they join hands to ensure that the government of the day succeeds in its efforts to turn things around for the greater majority of Nigeria.

The Flag Awareness campaign would be taken to schools, traditional institutions, religious institutions, market squares and corporate organizations.

We shall be drawing awareness to the importance of the flag; what it is, how it should be hoisted/handled, and the significance of having a flag in your car, home or office.

This event will kick start from the First week of October 2023

We intend to continue, that is why we are drawing the attention of the Press to the fact that we are expanding our scope, and eventually we shall propagate our ideal throughout the entire country with the national flag consciousness.

We can only ask that the media partner with us in this noble assignment of reengineering the minds of Nigerians to have faith in their fatherland by using the flag as a tool for national reawakening.

We also want to use this medium to call for the amendment of the Flags and Coat of Arms Ordinance 46 of 16th September, 1960, which was the law enacted to govern the usage of Nigeria national flag to our proposed…. “National Flag Protection Act”, in order to build a strong protocol of protection for the national flag.

Again, the National Flag is not contained in the constitution of the FRN as it is the case in other countries of the world. We are demanding that the flag should take a pride of place in the Nigerian constitution, as is the case in other countries.

We have also observed that many organizations and institutions in the country are constantly flouting the laws governing the flag of Nigeria. Go to hotels, schools and other privately owned establishments, you will see other countries flags in display. The existing Flag Act frowns at displaying other countries flag in the country without the approval of the minister of Interior in writing. We are calling, therefore, that the citizens should begin to shun any activity that runs contrary to the law.

Chapter Two of the Constitution, section 23 states, “the national ethics shall be Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labour, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance, Self-Reliance, and Patriotism”. We are calling for a renewed patriotic spirit by the citizens

And Section 24 (a) of the same Chapter Two said, “abide by this Constitution, respect its ideals and its institutions, the National Flag, the National Anthem, the National Pledge, and legitimate authorities”.

It is our belief in Flag Foundation of Nigeria that if we can simply abide by the law of the land, as expressed from the direct quotation of the constitution, we shall be better for it as a country.

Patriotism, social justice and tolerance are key issues that Nigerians needs to begin to pay rapt attention to.

Again, the National Flag, which we promote, must be seen as an object of communication, not merely as a piece of decoration. We should not take it as a mere symbolism, but it should be seen as an instrument of change.

In closing, we want to remind Nigerians that they should take advantage of our website, www.flagfoundationofnigeria.ng to acquaint themselves of our rich programmes and prospects, as well to register to enlist in the march for national consciousness and reawakening. Registration is absolutely free.

         “Nations do not abandon or despair of goals because of

circumstances in particular periods of their history;
for the Nations are eternal, circumstances are temporary”.
……. General Ibrahim Babangida

Thank you all, and God bless.

Chris Agiri J.N, Esq
DG, Flag Foundation of Nigeria.


The standard of respect we demand for the national flag, should not be misconstrued as a form of worship, as in the case of idolatry, that is, bowing down to it. NO, NEVER! The New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language sixth edition, defined it (i.e. RESPECT) as; “an act of giving particular attention, a high or special regard, the quality or state of being esteemed, considered worthy of high regard, to have reverence for something or somebody because of its importance, to agree not to break a law, principle etc.”

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