Former Minister tasks Couples on Public display of Love

Former minister tasks couples on public display of love
Couples have been urged to always affirm their love to each other for a healthy marital relationship.

A Former Minister of State Foreign Amb Zubairu Dada stated this in Abuja at the public presentation of the book “Fifty Reasons Why I love you” written by Amb Albert Omotayo in honour of his wife Qoodrat Omotayo.

The event also witnessed the inauguration of an NGO “Qoodrat Adebola Omotayo Abeni Omotayo Literary Award” to encourage, protect and promote the practice of healthy marriage.

Author of the book 50 Reasons Why I Love you…Omotayo Abeni

Ambassador Dada who expressed worry over the increasing rate of divorce in the society stressed the need for couples to show genuine to their spouses for a blissful marriage.

Ambassador Dada commended the author of the book and urged couples to cultivate the act of expressing their love to spouses for a better society.

The book reviewer, Member Association of Nigerian Authors, Salamatu Sule said the book would educate members of the public to appreciate marriage and its importance in ensuring a harmonious society.

A former President of the Association of Nigerian Authors Denja Abdullahi said one of the lessons from the book is the need for outward expression of love among couples

“Most marital institution, we don’t go out to publicly affirm love to the other and it is very important. You shouldn’t lock up your love for your partner, show public affection. Even within your house, try to tell the person you are with that I love you.

Many of us go through the marital journey without doing that. We make assumptions that this woman or man knows that I love him or her. Particularly the female gender, they need to be shown expressly and outwardly that they are loved. The man may not care but for the women, it is very important” he stated.

The author of the book, Amb Aldert Omotayo said the book “Fifty Reasons Why I love you” was written to further educate the public on the importance of love, understanding and patience in marriage.

Amb Omotayo stressed the need for couple to build understanding for a happy union.
According to Amb Omotayo, “basically if you go into marriage, you are going to do three things. First, you are going to be your spouse’s companion, you are going to help him or her, secondly, you are going to procreate and thirdly you are going to help each other to achieve self-realisation”.

Amb Omotayo said the book was written to further strengthen the marriage institution.

Mrs Qoodrat Bola Omotayo expressed appreciation to her husband for the honour and stressed the need to raise the quality of books.

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