Gov Yusuf Launches 4th Phase of Palliatives Distribution to 224,440 Household

Governor Yusuf launches 4th Phase of palliative distribution to 224,440 Household

The Kano state governor Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf has distributed the fourth round of 25kg bags of rice to 224,440 households throughout the State.

This effort is part of an ongoing mission to alleviate the economic struggles faced by the populace and embody the spirit of Ramadan.

In a statement issued by the governor’s spokesperson, Sanusi Bature Dawakin Tofa, Governor Yusuf, while commencing the distribution at the Tiamin Rice factory on Zaria Road, expressed that this gesture aims to aid the less fortunate members of society grappling with the sharp rise in commodity prices.

“The provision of these palliatives aligns with the imperative for governmental intervention to support the underprivileged and other vulnerable groups in the state, particularly during the sacred month of Ramadan,” stated the governor.

Governor Yusuf noted that over the past ten months, his administration has implemented four rounds of palliative measures to alleviate the burdens faced by citizens, successfully distributing three batches of various relief packages across the State.

He detailed that the Kano South Senatorial district, comprising 13 local governments, will receive 31,670 bags of 25kg rice; Kano North with 13 local governments will receive 23,640 bags; and Kano Central with 15 local governments will receive 56,910 bags of 25kg rice.

The Governor pledged that his government will persist in implementing proactive measures and strategies to enhance the well-being of all citizens in alignment with its objectives of human development policy.

During this auspicious month of Ramadan, Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf urged affluent individuals to embrace compassion and solidarity by supporting families with food items, as it is a cherished act of worship that Allah SWT has enjoined upon us, both during and beyond Ramadan.

He sternly cautioned the members of the distribution committee at all levels to maintain transparency in their actions, warning that any individual or group found diverting the rice would face decisive consequences in accordance with the law of the land.

Sunusi Bature Dawakin
Director General
Media and Publicity
Government House Kano

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