More VIPs Pledge Allegiance to Emir Sanusi as he Marks 5th day on the throne

Sharon Akuboh

It is no longer news that HRH Emir Sanusi has clocked in on his fifth-day at Gidan Rumfa, this witnessed multitude of distinguished individuals from within and beyond Kano have continued to troupe in to pledge allegiance.

Recall that on Monday, additional district heads and members of the Tijjaniyya Shura Council paid homage to him, reaffirming their unwavering loyalty
Under the guiding leadership of Khalifa Sheikh Sani Shehu Maihula, the Tijjaniyya Shura Council reiterated their steadfast support for the Emir.

Similarly, esteemed members such as Khalifa Saiyadi Bashir, Khalifa Abdullahi Uwaisu, Sheikh Ibrahim Shehu Maihula, Khalifa S. Sukairaj, Khalifa H. Kafanga, Barrister Habibu Dan Almajiri, and Saiyadi Ibrahim Abubakar have endorsed Emir Sanusi as the lawful ruler of Kano.

During today’s sitting a diverse array of dignitaries, notably politicians, also affirmed their allegiance to the Emir of Kano, Emir Sanusi.

It could be recalled that during his initial court session on Sunday, the Emir received the fealty of 40 District Heads and prominent individuals within the Council.

Upon taking up residence at the palace, these district heads and council members humbly prostrated themselves before him, emblematically acknowledging his rightful position as the Emir of Kano.

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