Excessive Heat : People Advised to Take Health Precautionary Measures

Excessive Heat: People Advised to Take Health Precautionary Measures

As the severity of heat temperature keeps increasing, the people of Kano state have been advised to adopt health precautionary measures in order to protect themselves against the negative consequences.

The Kano State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf gave the advice in a press release issued from the public relations unit of the ministry and made available to the media outfits.

Dr. Labaran stated that the scale of the harsh temperature of heat has begun since March this year causing increase of malaria and mortalities, adding that that was why the ministry of health embarked investigations to unravel the cause.

The Commissioner noted that the people of Kano were very much aware of the fact that these three months – March, April and May, and the beginning of June – were the months of excessive heat that brings about so many health complications, including malaria and meningitis cerebrum.

It could be noted that in the past three month, malaria prevalence has dropped because of winter season, but now the disease is on increase due to severity of the unbearable heat; the temperature has reached the level that it could affect the brain, liver or kidney, so much that if any of these organs is affected by the malaria, death could occur.

“Currently, the intensity of the heat in Kano state is between 43 and 45 degree, and the air in circulation is dry without moisture. This unfavourable condition could cause scratch in the nose of a person which, if unluckily, inhale diseases causing meningitis and go to his brain, he could contract meningitis. That was the reason people are witnessing an increased of fever, severe headache, fainting, and loss of life,” said Dr. Labaran.

He also noted that the excessive heat brings what is called heat-stroke as a result of shortage of blood and water in the body, which causes brain damage, especially among elderly people and those working under the sun.

The Commissioner then advised people to ensure that they protect themselves against mosquito’s bites through sleeping under the treated nets, covering doors and windows with nets to block mosquito from entering the rooms, use of insecticides, etc.

He also urged them to report any person with symptoms of malaria to the health facility for timely treatment, stressing that people should not allow the case to reach that level which nothing could be done to arrest it.

On meningitis cerebrum, Dr. Labaran called on people to shun overcrowdings in rooms and halls especially those with little ventilation system, adding that as soon as person is noticed with severe fever and headache should henceforth be taken to the hospital to ascertaining that he did not contract meningitis.

He further called on medical doctors to examine patient brought with fever thoroughly to ensure he is free from meningitis, not assuming that it is just malaria, frowning that if meningitis is allowed one to two days in a body of a person could cause death.

The commissioner advised people, especially those working under the sun to be consuming much water and get enough rest in order to avoid heat-stroke, assuring that this will help in safeguarding a person against the potential danger.

Ibrahim Abdullahi
Information Officer
Ministry of Health
25 April 2024

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