NAWOJ Delegates Conference : Reasons Ladi Bala should be Reelected

As we eagerly approach the highly anticipated NAWOJ Triennial Delegates Conference on the 25th of November, it is of utmost importance to reflect upon the tremendous obstacles our association has successfully overcome throughout its remarkable three-decade journey. Numerous leaders have come and gone, dedicating themselves to the growth and advancement of our association, dutifully fulfilling their responsibilities during their tenure.

In the city of Minna, the capital of Niger state, in November 2020, we collectively made a groundbreaking decision. This decision defied conventional sentiments and was solely based on the candidate’s exceptional capabilities and competence. Through an intense election process, Comrade Ladi Bala emerged triumphant, defeating her opponents, Aisha Bura Ibrahim and two others.

The past three years have marked a glorious period of revival for the association under Ladi’s determined leadership. She has honoured her campaign promises, ensuring that the association excels in every aspect. Ladi’s exceptional style of leadership has garnered immense support and forged fruitful partnerships, propelling the association to unprecedented progress.
NAWOJ has truly witnessed an era of unparalleled growth.

Though the path to progress can be demanding, it is essential to make the right decisions, even if they might ruffle some feathers. Ladi, being human, may not be flawless, but as a leader, she understands that saying ‘no’ is often more crucial than saying ‘yes.’ It’s all too easy to simply agree. A great leader must step on toes to succeed. Its inevitable.

Devotedly upholding the association’s vision and mission, Ladi’s unwavering commitment ensures sustainable progress and transformative change. While some may have been displeased along the way, it is important to remember that true leadership does not always accommodate compromise.

As we choose our national representatives, it is crucial to remember that leadership decisions may be unpopular but morally sound and fair. Let us reflect on the moment when Ladi met the association and how she has excelled in leading it to remarkable achievements. Rather than paying heed to the complaints of those opposed to change, let us rally behind the woman who has brought new life to the association.

We must recall the wise words of Warren Bennis, who defined leadership as the ability to transform a vision into reality. Above all, we must not forget that Ladi embodies the core principles of leadership: humility, clarity, and courage.

Amid criticism against her, we must always recognize that exceptional leaders are not defined by their lack of weaknesses, but by their abundance of clear strengths. Just as we did in Minna, let us come together again because Ladi has demonstrated unquestionable integrity—the supreme quality of leadership.

For those who doubt, remember that survival is not solely reserved for the strongest, nor is it solely reserved for those with the most power, but rather for those who can adapt and lead with conviction.

Join us as we cast our votes for the deserving candidates:

LADI BALA, a visionary and competent leader, for President.

FOLAKE, a natural-born leader, for Deputy National President.

HELEN UDOFIA, a true gem of efficiency, for National Secretary.

JOYCE HARUNA, a meticulous and dedicated individual, for National Auditor.

Bulak Afsa, a committed and dedicated team player and leader for National Assistant Secretary.

Let’s rally together and support this extraordinary team that will lead us forward!

Remember that FCT is hosting to win and proudly presents two candidates, Ladi Bala the incumbent President of NAWOJ and Chizoba Ogbeche the incoming Vice President of NAWOJ Zone D. We therefore call on all the delegates to do the needful.

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