Nigeria is suffering due to Righteousness of the proud – Horn

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

The suffering that Nigerians are passing through has been described as righteousness of few proud individuals.

A Missionary with Baptist Church in America, Pastor Daniel Edward Horn disclose this in his message to the congratulation at the United Methodist Church UMC, Sabon Gari District, Jalingo.

“Nigeria is where it is because of righteousness of few proud individuals.

“In Nigeria there are many forms of suffering, sicknesses and crises.

He pointed out that Nigeria is a testimony of God’s annoyance.

“Nigeria doesn’t have testimony of righteousness, for people don’t want to walk in righteousness

“You should not do what people will see, but God.

“The proud will go to hell, while the just shall leave by Faith. For it is in the Gospel that the righteousness of God is revealed. It transformed people from one stage to another only if people see the righteousness of God.

“If we work in righteousness, we have fulfill our purpose.

The Preacher tittle his message ” The Gospel is about the Glory of God, said that if the Church is corrupt, the Society is also corrupt.

He took his scriptural readings from the books of Romans 1:16 and Habakkuk 2:4 to support his message.

He appreciated the United Methodist Church UMC, under the leadership of the Director Connectional Ministries, Rev Philip Micah Dopah for giving him the opportunity to preach the Word of God on the purpose of the coming of Christ to the world.

“When we talk about the Gospel, it is not only about Salvation, but the Glory of God.

“The Gospel is not about the Glory of man, but of God. If we made the Gospel as a man, we will become ashamed of the Gospel.

“Paul says, I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God unto Salvation.

“There is need to take the Gospel to the people, for many people are willing to hear the Gospel.

“The Gospel is not about man, but the Glory of God unto Salvation.

“It is simple to say I am not ashamed of the Gospel, but it not easy to do – he said.

He pointed out that God gave people six days to work and set aside the seventh day for resting.

“God says, I gave my people rest so that they will see my Holiness. Christ came to give us rest.

“After resting, we should continue doing good things.

According to him, the purpose of the Gospel is for people to see the Glory of God.

“If we are unable to bring people to God, we are ashame of the Gospel.

He said that the only way one can have peace with God, is when he give his life to him.

“Salvation is only through the word of God, and not through your own work. We are God’s workmanship. There is reason to work in Holiness.

He disclose that the Gospel has the power of Salvation and urge people to take the Gospel with seriousness.

He said that his main reason of coming to Nigeria is to preach the Gospel and not for man.

“It is for the Glory of God to be seen. For Jesus is Lord – he added.

Speaking, the District Superintendent of United Methodist Church UMC, Sabon Gari, Rev. Philip Jang, appreciated the Director Connectional Ministries Rev Philip Micah Dopah for selecting his Church for the Missionary to visit.

He commended Pastor Daniel Edward Horn for his courage in taking the Gospel to Nigeria and urge people to work in righteousness.

He further urge people to look unto God and put their trust in him.

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