Prince Ned Nwoko Rejects £10m Pounds Bribe to Discontinue Paris Club Refund Case

Dr. Michael Nwoko, former Senior Special Assistant to erstwhile Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on health monitoring, has revealed that Delta North Senator-elect, Prince Ned Nwoko, rejected 10million pounds which was offered unto him so as to discontinue his pursuit of the Paris Club refund.

According to Dr. Nwoko, who told Emerald News in an interview that he was part of the system from 2000 when the Delta North Senator-elect initiated the battle with the foreign countries, Ned Nwoko was offered the money as strategy so as to drop the matter seeing his doggedness and willingness to pursue the issue for the good of Nigeria.

He said: “Prince Ned Nwoko took it upon himself to pursue the matter a logical conclusion The battle started since the year 2000. There were litigations. In fact when he started, he was offered a lot. I can tell you that he was offered between five to 10million pounds to drop the matter.

“He refused the money, telling them that he was not after their money but for the good of Nigeria. Many people did not know this version of the story. I’m an integral part of the story as far back as 1999. I monitored the event. He was offered this money as at then but he turned it down.

“He told them that this is about his people and his country. He told them that this project must see the light of the day. They tried to frustrate his moves, they even tried to recruit people within our system to frustrate the project but he stood his ground.

“He went to court and he got justice. Nearly 40billion dollars have been refunded to Nigeria. These refunds started coming out at the time that it was difficult for some Nigerian state governments to even pay salaries of their workers.

“In early 2015 when there was economic crisis that was when this money started coming out. If he could take on nations, then you can agree with me that being a voice for the Anioma people will not be an issue for him. He is going to speak for the Anioma people at the Senate. The state governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori will be glad to have a partner in the person of Prince Ned Nwoko in the affairs of Delta state.”

Dr. Mike Nwoko, a firm believer in the ability of Ned Nwoko, also said the Delta North Senator-elect is not one that can be suppressed or pushed over by anyone. For him, the antecedent of Prince Ned Nwoko in the Paris Club refund speaks volume of what he will do after his inauguration on Tuesday June 13, 2023.

He noted: “If he could take on powerful nations, if he could take on the United States of America, if he could take on the United Kingdom, France and others towards ensuring that these monies were refunded, monies that were deducted in excess over the years.

“These monies that were borrowed many years ago, but the refunds were over deducted from the federal, state and local governments, the most unfortunate was that the local governments that never borrowed at all, they were deducting from them.”

Dr. Nwoko, who has held series of positions in Aniocha North and has worked closely with Ned Nwoko, told this online newspaper that he has a firm belief given the disposition and personality of Prince Ned Nwoko, that he would deliver his campaign promises to the people of Delta North.

“I know that he is going to bring about a novel situation in Delta North. If you look at his campaign promises, he did not promise what he cannot do. He promised things he can do. And he will do them.

“Ahead of his inauguration coming up Tuesday next week, he has already worked out modalities with which he will deliver dividends of democracy to his people. Once he is inaugurated, Anioma people will know that they have a senator in the national assembly.

“So, there is a huge task on him. Right now, he is vested with the responsibility of attracting federal presence to the senatorial district. Arising from that he needs the synergy with the state and federal government to bring his dream to fruition.

Answering a question on constituency projects, Dr. Mike Nwoko said in the era of Prince Ned Nwoko, projects can never be diverted. All projects will be delivered according to specifications.

According to him, “No projects meant for public good will be diverted, that can never happen. His constituency projects will be carefully thought out. He will effectively execute and commission them for public good.

“I can beat my chest without fear of contradiction that Prince Ned Nwoko will execute all projects meant for Anioma people. This is because I know who is Prince Ned Nwoko. Anioma people should therefore brace up and be ready to accommodate these projects which Prince Ned Nwoko will execute in the senatorial district”

Credit: Emerald News

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