Security Chiefs to Traditional Rulers : You can help us Curb Criminality.

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Heads of Security Agencies in Taraba state has solicited the support of Traditional Rulers to curb criminality in the state.

They stated this on while briefing the state on efforts made to properly secure the state.

The State Brigade Commander, General Uwa, recounted success stories in dealing with criminals and all the other crisis of security in the area.

According to him, they have received alot of support from Gov Agbu Kefas in making it easy to arrest the situation.

He said the Ambazonian crisis is being tackled as well adding that he has made far reaching incursions into Takum and environs and that the force has recorded success.

On his part, the Commissioner of Police, David Ilonynomo, said that banditry is a real issue in Taraba state.

He said he has just reported to duty in the state but that he has already mapped out all the Bandits camps in the state.

He noted that there are heavy build up of bandits in Jalingo, Bali, Karim Lamido and Ardo kola.

He charged the traditional rulers to assist as many of the criminals have infiltrated the local communities.

He pointed out that the police is restrategising due to this. He said the governor has continued to help in providing logistics to combat the problem.

He added that there must be a synergy between the DPOs and the Traditional Rulers for the reduction of criminality.

In his remarks, the Director of DSS in the state said democracy is interlinked with human rights.

He said there must be a recognition of the populace and other aspect of community life.

According to him, the traditional rulers are the agent of influence.

He emphasize on the need to work so closely with the royal fathers in combating criminality.

He said the profession he heads in Taraba state is one that makes them work very closely with the civil populace, stressing the need for information flow,

“There is need for continuous feedback from leaders.

“Southern Taraba is clearly a case of sitting on a time bomb.

He pleaded for closer collaboration in the area.

“The criminals are coming not only with the intention to attack but to harness the land and make it theirs.

“Substantial arrests have been made – he said.

The Civil Defence in their briefings said no government in Taraba state has given the force the number of operational vehicles Governor Agbu Kefas has given the body.

He announced that the force is prepared to award the governor the best Governor award in the areas of support for security agencies.

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