Security is the Responsibility of Everybody in the Society…Dopah

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Security has been describe as a responsibility of all citizens in Taraba state, the Nation and the World at large.

The Director, Connectional Ministries of the United Methodist Church UMC, Rev. Dr. Micah Dopah disclose this in an interview with our reporter in Jalingo.

“As a religious leader, I consider it wise for the opportunity given to me by Rubiruka Global Travels and Tours limited to study in an Academy in Isreal, one of the best Academy in Isreal, for me to add or gain knowledge on security management.

“In life, you must live for others and I want to believe that it is part of my calling and responsibility considering the place I came from.

“I will do justice with the knowledge I aquired, for the benefit of my organization, the community, Taraba state, and the Nation at large.

He said that, as a leader, he intends to put up the knowledge aquired through giving the needed security advise to the Boys Brigade in the respective Churches, Conferences, TEKAN/ ECWA Block and at the CAN levels.

“I am in position to advise them on what to do whenever we are holding Conferences and in Churches.

“I will do everything possible to pass the knowledge I aquired by the grace of God.

He appreciated God for giving him the opportunity to study in Isreal.

“I want also to thank Rubiruka Global Travel and Tours limited, especially, Bishop Innocent Solomon, Wife and Members of the Tour Agency for the quick facilitation of the Tour.

Rev. Micah Dopah also spoke on the comming back of his members whom left the Church some years ago.

“Recently, by the grace of God, I was in charge of United Methodist Church UMC, when the Church was passing through divisions. Some of our members whom went and join a breakaway part of UMCN called CONCERNED group lead by Bishop John Wesley to fight the two late Bishops (Kefas Mavula and Dabali), so some of our members join them because they sold out the Church Plane and share the money to come and rebel against the Southern Conference of UMC.

“Some of the members came to me apologizing, but I told them that I have forgiven them. We went and receive them back.

“Definitely, I feel good for them them coming back. If you remember the Prodigal son in Luke 15, when he reliase his mistake and return to his father, the father forgive him and receive him joyfully, so I feel happy about their return and pray that God will continue to sustain our unity.

He also call on other members that are yet to come to have a rethink and come back so that they can build a United Methodist Church UMC of their dream.

He disclose that 90 percent of the Central Conference are not with Bishop Westly.

“95 percent of Northern Conference, 90 percent of Southern Conference are not with the Bishop, so he is only hanging on few members of North East Conference. I am calling on them to come back.

He pointed out that the problem of the United Methodist Church in Nigeria, UMCN, is the Bishop.

“The entire problem that the United Methodist Church in Nigeria UMCN is facing is cause by Bishop John Westly, minus him, things would take place in Nigeria.

“After the 2024 General Conference of the United Methodist Church in Nigeria UMCN, Bishop John Westly will be on his way to the DNC, we in the Southern Conference of United Methodist Church UMC would seat and have their leaders.

He pointed out that the Conference he is leading is the conference establish by God and forefathers of the Church whom are proofing intergrity.

“We have no other business than the business of the United Methodist Church UMC. In our activities, we always show the Light of God as it is written in Mathew 5:16, ( Let your light shine before men, so that people would see your good works). After seeing the good work in us, the Glory goes to God.

“God in his way is using us in the Southern Conference of the United Methodist Church UMC to serve him – he said.

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