Stakeholders are the major Problem in Taraba State – Kefas

—– Promise to deal with anybody trying to frustrate his government.

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Governor Kefas Agbu has said that stakeholders are causes of problems been experience in the state.

The Governor disclose this in an interactive session with Journalists in Jalingo while reacting to speculations by some section of people whom he referred to as stakeholders.

“The people that call themselves stakeholders of the state are not doing anything for the state rather they are the problem in the state.

“Over Fifty courses in the state university have not been accredited, where were they?

“If they cannot join us in fighting the menace they should wait. Let them wait and see what I will do. This is my time and let them wait, when I failed then they can talk.

“Let them Pray for long life so as to see what I will do for the people of the state. I don’t like negative prayers from anybody.

“I will not hesitate to deal with anybody who try to fulstrate my efforts.

According to him, Government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

“It is for everybody regardless of ethics or religion. Let us put all forms of sentiments aside and talk about Unity for Taraba State to move forward and better place.

“I am here to do the right thing. Taraba State is a mini Nigeria. Let us be partners in progress and not in problem.

He vowed to will deal ruthlessly with anybody or group of persons who constitute themselves as stakeholders to criticize his policies.

“Those claiming to be stakeholders are the real enemies of the state because they failed to provide solutions to the problems confronting the state over the years.

“Same stakeholders that are criticising this administration of bringing changes in the Educational system which has suffered seriuos neglect over the years.

“Where are the socalled stakeholders when the educational system at all level collasped,

“These set of people could not do anything to salvage the system but now attacking me simply because l want to address the problem facing education in our state.

“I will remain stubborn and l will step on toes of those who choose to stand against implementation of my educational policies that l put in place to revive the educational system which was at the verge of collapse when l assumed leadership of the state.” he said.

The Governor while reacting to allegations by the Stakeholders that his government has made several unfulfilled promises, lambasted those he refereed to as “so-called stakeholders ” as the devil who do not want to see the progress of the State.

“Heads are going to roll, who ever want to stand on my way, will bear the brunt, people should be very careful, the stakeholders are the problem of Taraba state, if the stakeholders have been considerate to fix the state, we would have been somewhere ahead.

“Those stakeholders who are complaining that am making so much promises on the education policy, where were they when the children here in the state were sleeping on the floors in their varous Schools.

“If the stakeholders have been doing it and succeeding against others, they can’t succeed with me as a sitting governor, I have drafted a quality education policy for the state, by January 2024, when our children return to schools, many of them who are raising questions today will be shocked and ask if the students are from Taraba.

“Go to Taraba State University, the Girls Hostels are living like refugees camps , so where were the stakeholders who are now making complaints, education in the state must come first and I have no apologies over that.

On oncompleted projects inherited from the immediate past administration of Governor Darius Ishaku, he said:

“I have set up a committee to go round the projects, so I am waiting for their report. I assure you that there will be no aboundon projects.

He encourage wealthy people to empower the Youths to enable them survive on their own rather than waiting for white collar jobs from government, adding that government cannot employ everyone.

“Give someone what to will sustain him for long and not giving him food for today. Do what can sustain you and even help others.

“Parents should be responsible for the feeding of their families and not the government feeding for you – he added.

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