Taraba Govt : To settle WAEC fees for Students next Year, Best Students to Enjoy Scholarship – Kefas

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

The Taraba State Governor, Dr. Kefas Agbu has reiterated his administration commitment to the Education of its citizens. He described Education as the bedrock of every development in every nation.

“Government would pay for WAEC for students next year, and best students will enjoy scholarship program.

“Government would also provide school materials such as Uniforms, Books amongst others.

On the Fifty percent reduction of fees in the state University to those in Masters or Post graduate programs, the Governor said that it will be a gradual process.

“We are starting and we will continue till we reach there, for now let them manage to pay for themselves or seek scholarships from Non Governmental Organizations.

He said that a data of students studying outside the state would be taken for the necessary assistance.

He urge Tarabans to take the problem of education as theirs and renew their minds.

“The Governor cannot do it alone. We should renew our minds and see it as our problem. Let all our children have education.

“People can also create schools for we need to be creative.

“As government, we assured you that it is our responsibility even if it needs to turn government house to school, we will do it.

On the means of sustaining the free Education policy, he said,

“Let not think of tomorrow, but today, for tomorrow’s program is different. Let’s be positive on what we say and it will happen.

“I am focus and I will continue to do the ways I plan.

Recall that the Governor in his efforts in accomplishing his educational policy, he ordered the immediate release of three months’ Salaries, of the Taraba State University, Jalingo from July to September 2023.

This was the outcome of the meeting of the Governor with the Management of the University and union leaders at the Exco Chamber Government House, Jalingo.

The surge in new enrollments witnessed in our primary and secondary schools over the past ten working days has necessitated immediate action. Following consultations with His Excellency, the following measures have been approved:

ICT-Based Registration: Commencing this term, an ICT-based registration system will be introduced. This will apply to Teachers,andboth new and returning students. Ensuring that they are registered will guarantee the provision of essential school materials upon their arrival.

Provision of Uniforms and Educational Materials: Uniforms, shoes, socks, and books will be made available by January to support students in their pursuit of education.

Sponsorship for SS3 Students: In the coming year, the State Government will cover the examination fees for all SS3 students, enabling them to write both WAEC and NECO examinations. Exceptional students will be eligible for sponsorship and scholarships.

Mass Education Centers: Adult learners seeking new enrollment should be directed to the various Mass Education Centers, ensuring accessibility to education for all.
Optimizing School Facilities:Schools that have reached their maximum capacity in terms of facilities will implement a shifting system temporarily while additional buildings are provided to meet the increasing demand.

Enhanced Benefits for NYSC Members: As an emergency response to the education situation, His Excellency has approved significant allowances for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members serving in Taraba State schools:

  • An additional ten thousand naira will be added to their monthly allowance.
  • A one-time payment of fifty thousand naira as a medical allowance.
  • An accommodation allowance of twenty-five thousand naira per term, totaling seventy-five thousand naira for three terms.

Employment Opportunities: Exceptional Youth Corps members who distinguish themselves while serving in schools will be offered automatic employment opportunities.

To execute these initiatives, the Commissioner of Education has collaborated with the Commissioner of Youth and Sports to chart the way forward. The Commissioner of Youth and Sports is committed to ensuring the timely implementation of these new packages for Youth Corps members serving in our schools.

These measures reinforced Taraba State’s unwavering commitment to enhancing access to quality education, fostering youth development, and ensuring a brighter future for our children.

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