Thanksgiving is vital in the life of a believer – Clergy

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Thanks giving has been described as vital in the life of every believer.

The Resident Bishop, Episcopal Conference, Bishop Johnwesley Yohanna, stated this during the Thanksgiving Service of Brigadier General Jeremiah Aliyu Faransa, held at the McBride United Methodist Church, Jalingo.

The Bishop represented by Rev. Dr. John Pena said,

“Today, we gather in the spirit of gratitude and reverence to celebrate the remarkable career of a distinguished individual, a true patriot, and a dear friend who has dedicated decades of his life in service to his country. As we stand on the precipice of bidding farewell to Brigadier General Faransa Jeremiah Aliyu (RTD), who was my class mate; we find ourselves not only reflecting on the immense contributions he has made since our secondary school days.

“Indeed he was not only smart and intelligent but also looking hopeful with anticipation to the continued chapters of his life.

“The journey of a military career is one marked by sacrifice, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to the ideals that form the bedrock of our nation. Brigadier General Faransa Jeremiah Aliyu(RTD) has exemplified these virtues with unparalleled grace and distinction.

“His leadership has been a guiding light, inspiring those under his command to reach greater heights and instilling a sense of duty that transcends the call of mere obligation.

“In the book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, verse 1, we find wisdom that resonates deeply with this momentous occasion.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Indeed, as Brigadier General Faransa Jeremiah Aliyu (RTD) embarks on the season of retirement, we recognize that it is a time not just for reflection on a storied career but also for anticipation of the purpose that awaits him in the chapters yet to be written.

According to him, Governor Kefas Agbu’s five finger strategic plan cannot be achieved successfully without robust procurement process.

“We must as the chief executives and Accounting Officers of our MDAs form synergy with the Bureau of Public Procurement and set the Due diligence in the front burner of our MDAs In order to achieve value for resources committed in to our hands.

He pointed out that Public Procurement is not buying and selling, it’s about the ‘process’ of obtaining goods, works and services in a transparent, accountable and competitive manner in order to achieve value for money, but also is the process of disposal of government properties in order to achieve value for the properties, this makes good Public Procurement the bed rock of good governance.

“I want to assure you that the Executive Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas is Due Process Compliance and can sacrifice his sleep for it.

“He is the driver of the ship of the state, we must be com mitted to follow his steps and as a team, in order to achieve the set goal of the Governor’s five fingers strategic agenda set before us ,- he said.

In his remarks, the Celebrant, Brigadier General Jeremiah Aliyu Faransa took the first Bible reading from the book of Isaiah 12:4-5, encourage his colleagues that are still serving to have passion in the Job.

‘Do your job, no eye service, no godfatherism. Put your trust in God and you will excel.

“My success is on God only, you work hard and that is all.

“My sad moment was when I lost my friend and some of my course mates.

“Out of 137 of us, 32 have gone, but I am coming back home without any srach on me, so I have to give God the Glory. I thank God for a journey mercy throughout my service.

Some of his friends spoke on the life of the celebrant saying,

“The celebrant is a friend, we have been with him for over Thirty One years. Taraba State is my second home because I served as ADC to Col. Awoniyi in some years ago when he was the Military Administrator of the state.

“He is good, bad and ugly. He is good in the sense that, if you see the caliber of people gathered here, you will know that he is good. He is ugly in the sense that, don’t come and tell him lies, because he may embarrasse you, just tell him the truth, even if you commitmented an offense.

He encourage the Celebrant to continue serving his Community, just as when he was still in service.

He said he bought for him some equipments that he will be using while discharging his duties as the Chairman of
Taraba State Special Taskforce Committee on Environmental Protection Public Safety and Prohibition of Deforestation.
(Brigadier General Yusuf Ibrahim Yakubu).

“The celebrant is my good friend. It is good for a person who finished serving humanity faithfully to come back home safely. It is good to thank God for the privilege giving you during a sensitive job.

“As the Celebrant said, many of them went to the Nigerian Army, Thirty One died, it is a course to celebrate for being among the living.

“He is a father to the fatherless, he has helped many.

He advise the Celebrant to take things lightly not like when he was in the Military, now that he is into politics.

“He should be polite, eat and drink Burukutu, meanglewith the people -(Hon. Charles Maijankai, former Member representing Karim 1 State Constituency, Taraba State House of Assembly).

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