Author Urges Female Journalists to Combat Child Molestation and Abuse With New Book

Lemmy Ughegbe, the renowned author of “Tears from the Grave,” recently presented a copy of his book to Comrade Bassey Ita-Ikpang, the Chairperson of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ) FCT Chapter. During the presentation, Ughegbe stressed the importance of involvement from the women’s wing of journalism in tackling the prevalent issue of child molestation and abuse, which his book aims to address.

Bassey Ita-Ikpang, upon receiving the book, expressed her admiration for the literary work and pledged her support for the cause. She applauded Ughegbe’s unwavering commitment to shedding light on this pressing issue. Alongside other executives of NAWOJ, Bassey gratefully accepted the book.

“Tears from the Grave” delves into the dark realities of child molestation and abuse, bringing attention to the harrowing experiences faced by victims. Through his book, Ughegbe aims to raise awareness and encourage action to combat this societal scourge. By involving women journalists, he hopes to amplify the voices of survivors and promote a greater understanding of the issue.

NAWOJ, a prominent organization representing women journalists in Nigeria, recognizes the urgency of addressing child molestation and abuse. With Bassey’s endorsement, the association is poised to play an even more significant role in advocating for justice and providing support to victims.

This book presentation marks an essential step in the ongoing fight against the exploitation of children. It showcases the collaboration between Ughegbe, an astute writer, and NAWOJ, a formidable force in the media industry. Together, they aim to empower women journalists to push forward and effect change within their professional realms to combat child molestation and abuse.

As the news of this initiative spreads, it is hoped that other stakeholders, governmental bodies, and organizations will join forces with NAWOJ and Ughegbe in creating a society that values and safeguards the well-being of children, ultimately putting an end to this heartbreaking cycle of abuse.

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