Dealing With Low Self Esteem (PART 2)…Pst Dorothy Batuta Inwulale

High self esteem comes from a high sense of self worth and low self esteem comes from low sense of self worth.

How you view challenges in life go a long way to affect your self esteem in the face of those challenges.

As against the negative impression and confession of all the other spies,Joshua and Caleb viewed the challenge in the land of Canaan as bread they could eat and not as giants that could kill them.They also confessed same(Num 14:9).

Your focus and understanding of your source also matters.Rather than focus on the giants in canaan,Joshua and Caleb focused on what they had-they had the Lord on their side and they had wisdom,which was the principal thing.

Outside Christ you can do nothing.An identity that is not anchored on Jesus Christ will not hold over time(2Cor 3:5)Person with low self esteem use other people around them as mirrors which they negatively judge themselves.

Low self esteem robs you of your dignity and it affects your sense of worth and confidence(Exo 3:11).Getting education and continually improving on your education helps to improve your self esteem.


  • Parents not being involved in the life of their children.
  • Negative peer pressure
  • Lack of education
  • Being dissatisfied with your body image.
  • Previous bad or wrong choices
  • Lack of knowledge of the word of God.


  • Beef up of your areas of inadequacies with the word of God(1Pet 2:9,Phil 4:10,Gen 1:26-27).
  • Overcome insecurity.Boldly face the things that make you feel inadequate headlong(2Cor 10:12). Pst Dorothy Batuta Inwulale

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