Fuel Subsidy Removal : Tinubu Did Not Study the Situation of Nigerians Before Removal – Dopah.

As Nigerians continue to suffer as a result of the removal of fuel subsidy by President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Nigerians have continued to bare their minds. The Taraba State Chairman, TEKAN/ECWA Block, Rev. Dr. PHILLIP MICAH DOPAH, has bear his mind, saying that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu did not study the situation of Nigerians before removing the fuel subsidy. In an interview with our Correspondent, EMMANUEL AWARI, the Cleric describe the decision as in wise and at the wrong time. Excerpts:

What is your opinion on the removal of fuel subsidy by President Ahmed Bola Tinubu?

Even though there was a Video circulating on the social media that fuel subsidy removal is a scam, but Video, Newspaper or social media is not a Bible or Quran that you will believe, only time will tell whether it is a scam or real, but to the best of my knowledge, in a civilise world, once a leader if you come to power, on my own opinion, I think President Ahmed Bola Tinubu supposed to study the situation before venturing into the issue of removing the fuel subsidy. You don’t start your administration by influencing pains on the people. He could have studied the situation or alternatively, if he really like to surprise Nigerians, he could have looked at one of the aspect that Nigerians are crying to be relief pains on them.

He could have made a policy that will relief pains or take Nigerians out of their bounding and not to start with the policy that will put Nigerians into pains. He did not study the situation and I didn’t consider that as a wise decision, see how people are now suffering. Government fuel price is N550 per liter, black market, they sale at their own price. I think as somebody who is new in the office, it could have been better for him to study the situation before removing the fuel subsidy. He have put Nigerians into confusion at this critical moment. To me personally I didn’t support him in that his decision.

In your comment on the social media, you said that Governor Kefas Agbu told religious leaders (both Christian and Muslim) that it will not going to be business as usual, What are you trying to explain here?

With the coming of Governor Kefas Agbu, it is not going to be business as usual. When we religious leaders both Christian and Muslim meet with the Governor, he told us that he is on a mission from God, that he came to serve the people of Taraba State. He came with a clear heart and hands to serve the state. He said if we failed to pray for him, God will hold us responsible. He told us that he did not come to into power as governor of Taraba State to steal government money, saying that he is comfortable with what he already have, so he has come basically to serve the people of the state. I made the statement that it will not going to be business as usual because people are clamoring for appointments. Those that have corruption in their vains, spirit of corruption running in them, it is better for them not to seek any political appointments because darkness and light cannot co exist together.

The Governor, during his inaugural speech said that 80 Percent of his cabinet will be Young people. What is your opinion on this?

In his inaugural speech, he made mention that Eighty percent of his cabinet will be young people. Yes, I concord to that. He should appoint young people of strong character not any young people, but young people that can perform to expectation. When I was in primary school, our Teacher always tell us that Children are leaders of tomorrow, but as I am speaking with you, those that tough us are still been recircled.

Please those that have reached ages but still there, they should be ready to dream dreams and allow the young people to catch their vision. Definitely, we have young graduates in different fields that can also display their God giving talents that are even willing to contribute their quota to build their father land. It is a welcome development and I pray that God will give him the wisdom to choose those with the fear of God that have Taraba State at the back of their hearts.

Which sectors in your opinion you want the Governor to focus on?

Yes, he has already started by declaring state of emergency in the Educational sector. It is written in the Bible that “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”. Without knowledge, definitely there will be no life, so declaring state of emergency in the Educational sector, especially Primary and Secondary schools, this is a welcome development.

He should also declare state of emergency in the Health sector, because Health is wealth. You must be well before you seek for education, you must be well before you go to office, you must be well before you go to farm, you must be well before you do anything in this life, so education and health are very crucial, considering the fact that there is high cost of commodities, people buy a Mudu of Maize for between N 7-800 in some quarters.

I was told that some people buy a Mudu of Maize for N1,000, so I think apart from Education and Health, another area is Agriculture and Security. We pray that God will give him the strength to revive the Security sector. The evil people that have filtrate our lands. Tarabans did not go to their farms last year. We want our forests to be free from terrorists and kidnappers.

The Governor should pay more attention to that sector so that people can have access to their farming activities. If people have access to their farms to their farming activities, you know that automatically there is going to be abundance of food crops and definitely things will go well in our state. Security sector is one that he need to focus his attention.

Thank God that he appointed experience and competent person as the head of Taraba Marshall. Taraba Marshall should be empowered to ransacked all forests and mountains in the state and make sure that people are living in peace and freely without fear of intimidation of not going to farm because of the issue of kidnappings, Banditry and Terrorists.

What call do you have for Tarabans?

In the first place, we just have to give God the glory for giving us a new Governor in person of Kefas Agbu, a Pastor. I am calling on all people irrespective of our religious and ethnic affiliation to learn how to pray for our leaders. Once the leaders are there in power, we just have to do everything possible and pray for them.

Even in the Bible, Psalm 72 was dedicated purely for the prayers to leaders. We should always pray and bless our leaders, for our land to be blessed, the citizens would be blessed. It is high time as Tarabans to come out from accusing, causing and showing lack of appreciation to our leaders for the Governor need our Prayers, He need our Corporation, loyalty, commitment for him to succeed, this is my clarion call.

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