Love Conquers Everything : Joke & Olu Silver

“First, Joke was an adopted child (secret adoption) a situation her adopted parents never disclosed to her and when she found out, they never wanted discussing same just to avoid hurting her feelings. but they loved her and gave her the very best they could, now that is love.

Joke again found love in Olu Jacobs(if you like call her lucky when it comes to experiencing love), Olu wasn’t just in love he was addicted to her to the point they began to pair in movies.

In the movies the Olu’s were also perfectly matched, it was not just for the screen but they were real.

This was beautiful to always behold until Dementia stepped in.

Olu Jacob suffered memory lost and continued in that state till date.

Joke began to see her love who was a perfect father, husband and partner winding up.

Joke decided to adopt and give it a fight.

Instead of giving up , Joke decided to give more love , she quickly adopted into loving her Olu the way a daughter will love a father.

This attitude and God is the reason we still have Jacob with us.

Kindly help me celebrate this woman with few words”
~ Abel Augustine

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