Hurray My Best Friend and Soulmate is a Year Older + 18th Wedding Anniversary

By Ikharo Attah

The Wife/Lover of My Poverty, Mrs Magdalene Ikharo
( The Intrepidity of Love)

As I search for words on a day like this to wish you Happy Birthday, my diction fails me.

*You loved and even agreed to Marry me when you knew very well that my poverty was overt.

  • At the time you accepted me all my clothes were fairly used(okrika) and with no bank account to my name.

*7 years of dating before marriage, you never requested anything from me but made me feel good with the empty pockets.

*7 years of dating I can’t remember taking you out for once and you never got worried about it.

*The N20 Sillver coated ring I managed to purchase from a hawker to engage you fades in less than a week and you still kept wearing it in its semi-rusted state.

  • Marrying me and moving into my Single Room apartment and making it extremely comfortable was shocking.

18 years of marriage now and the things I can’t comprehend about your emotional audacity still dazzling my thoughts.

When I see contemporary conditions for love, engagement and marriage, I wondered if anyone would have dare to think of loving me , talk less of contemplating marriage.

You are a rare breed.

Thank you so much for coming in at moment of Lack, despair, hardship and turning things around.

Izehi, Uduehi, Ehigbai and I celebrate you very specially.
Very special Happy Birthday, My Wife.

Weekenders magazine management and staff wishes Magdalene Attah happy birthday and a glorious wedding anniversary to an awesome couple.

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