Hurray Ugochi Onyekwere Hits the Golden Age: Hear her Story

The golden girl granted this interview to Cerutti Richlist CEO Mike Cerutti Osagie here are extracts of the interview.

Thanks so much for congratulating me. I have got loads of congratulatory messages from family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, counterparts, just name it! All I can say is that I’m grateful for the gift of humans, I am blessed and I feel so blessed. To those back home, I just want to say that “Dreams really do come true and through” . One can be just anything they work towards becoming and achieve all they envision with time and process. Turning 50 to me is a milestone and I can’t thank God enough for the privilege of celebrating in a grand style. More to come!……

CRQ : When did you arrive America and how was your early days in USA?

Ugochi : I relocated to America in 2000, 23 years ago precisely. Just like every newly migrated individual, as expected, there were the very rough and down times as common with the foundation and building stages of life and most things generally.

Amidst the storm, I was filled with hope and belief in what my tomorrow holds. I moved to this country with my family as a younger woman with so much vision and ambition, I went in pursuit of everything I could only dream of as at then, I put in the work, I took the necessary steps, I made the required efforts and just like the proverbial and biblical tales of “sowing and reaping”, the seeds I planted years back have yielded much results that are evident in and around my life.

CRQ: what are your initial struggle before your career triumphed?

Ụbọchị : Frankly, there were a whole lot of them, a handful if I must say. Ranging from accommodation, to schooling and then jobs. I managed to juggle motherhood, studies and work just to be established. I can’t say the burden was light because the struggles were real.

My early years in pursuit of my career required so much patience, for a woman who was looking at the bigger picture, bearing in mind that the goal is to get to the very peak of my nursing career I knew and understood that it required more than the usual and then I knew I have God on my side so let’s just say he came through for me, blessing me with so much wisdom, inspiration and insight.

CRQ : What advice do you have for Young Nigerians in America or those planing to migrate?

Ugochi : I must first say that relocating to America is the best decision I ever made. I have no regrets whatsoever, my being in this country is the reason I’ve come so far in life. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t migrate to America, my life will definitely have turned out differently, maybe not as beautiful as what I have now. So, to young Nigerians who are here already, the advice is that you need “FOCUS”.

There’s a lot of factors that could pose as a distraction but if you are one with the intention of becoming the best version of you in academic, career, marriage and life in general, it is more than possible because being here avails you the privilege of getting things done with a certain level of ease because of the extent the government has gone in being responsible for us.

Also, if anyone over there in my home country Nigeria at any point has an opportunity of relocating to America then they must grab it with both hands because in my opinion, it is a point of turn-around. There’s no comparison between being in Nigeria and America, talk about a working system, talk about good governance, talk about health care, talk about educational system, talk about life style. Coming to America 🇺🇸 is “an answered prayer” but whilst you are hoping to be here, just know that it takes high discipline, morals and value to enjoy your stay.

CRQ : Is America land bed of roses?
If not tell us why?

Ugochi: Lol, of course not. Any sensible and reasonable human knows that
nothing or nowhere in life is a bed of roses, neither is it a walk in the park. If you must have it, then be ready to work for it. America is definitely not a bed of roses, but if one is willing to do all it takes in the right direction, then you will personally experience good life beyond your imagination.

Being in America is one thing and, staying law abiding is another, anyone who is eager and willing to WIN in this country has a major job role, which is whatever you choose to do, be it schooling or working, do it with all diligence and loyalty.

Finally your advice for Nigeria government and our people back home.

Wherever one goes, no matter how long or far away, Home is Home. Nigeria is my root, nothing changes that. It’s quite unfortunate and such a pain that the government has failed us even though we have not completely given up but while we stay hopeful in ourselves, not minding the failed system of government, anyone who is back home should try as much to survive, good a thing that the Nigeria of today values skills and craft, entrepreneurship too.

These options might not be easy but if it’s all they are left with, why not? Another thing to consider is relocation, every now and then people make efforts to help their family and loved ones migrate to countries with better opportunities, this option is a good one for those people who are lucky enough because many a times, most people who have little or nothing going on for them in Nigeria find their feet with more ease in these foreign lands so long as they are not lazy.

Let me wrap up by saying, A better Nigeria is possible but no one wants to die in the face of an almost hopeless situation. So, to Nigerians in Nigeria who Nigeria has failed, don’t give up, keep pushing the much you can, let’s trust that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks

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Patience Agba

Well composed and very articulated. Once again happiest milestone and all the best.

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