NUJ FCT Calls for the immediate release of Editor-In-Chief of Globalupfront Newspaper, Madu Onuorah

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja Council is worried over the spate of harassment of journalists in the guise of making arrest by the Nigeria police.

While we are not averse to the right of citizens seeking redress over legitimate infringement on their right, we believe that constitutional means should be strictly adhered to in doing this.

A Comdemnable case in point is the commando like raiding of the home of Mr. Madu Onuorah, Editor-in-Chief of the Globalupfront Newspaper (Online).

The manner of arrest leaves much to be desired from a legitimate force of the State, the Nigeria Police which should have been civil instead of intimidating and forcefully whisking away Mr. Onuorah in a manner akin to kidnapping.

We condemn this total abuse of power laced with intimidation and demand the immediate release of Mr. Madu Onuorah, Editor of the Globalupfront newspaper, an online platform

The former Bureau Chief of the Guardian Newspaper, and Managing Director of the Authority Newspaper is a thoroughbred professional.

On this. we insist that where any citizen or organisation believe he has a case to answer, then the constitutional path should be activated and followed.

Let it be known that NUJ will never stop holding the government and its institutions accountable for the people.


Ochiaka Ugwu
Secretary of Council

Òsárétín Òsádébàmwén
Chairman of Council

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