Taraba : Carry forward the legacy of our Pioneer Missionaries – Bishop Yohanna

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

The Resident Bishop episcopal area, Bishop Johnwesley Yohanna has call on members of the United Methodist Church in Nigeria to continue to emulate the legacy of the pioneer missionaries.

He made the call in a press conference to mark the occasion of the Centennial celebration at the United Methodist Church in Nigeria UMCN Secretariat, Jalingo.

“Together as United Methodist Church family, we will continue to be a beacon of hope, compassion and transformation in a world yearning for the light of Christ.

He said that Rural development has been a cornerstone of the it’s mission, considering the well being of communities extends beyond the walls of churches.

“We work tirelessly to empower local communities, promoting sustainable development that honors the dignity of every individual.

According to him, planting of new Churches and establishing new conferences which has been a vibrant expression of the church commitment to spreading the message of hope and love and fulfilling the Commission of the Lord to ‘Go ye and make disciples of all Nations”.

“The Church was planted in Bambur is today spread all over Nigeria. From bustling urban centers to remote villages, our congregations continue to multiply, providing places of worship and community for those seeking solace and connection.

“We strive to create environment where every child can flourish, knowing that they are cherish and value, knowingly that they are Church to celebrate yet another century of mission work. Therefore the present youth should embark on self – sustaining project that would better their future.

Bishop Johnwesley Yohanna pointed out that Women has been a central focus of his mission, recognizing the essential role that Women play in the life of the Church and Society.

“Through various programs and initiative, we have sought to create space where women can thrive, lead and contribute to the flourishing of our communities.

“As we move forward, let us continue to embody the spirit of Christ, emphasizing love, compassion and inclusive.

“We all know that Romans 3:23, even when acknowledge our sinful nature. But when the restrictive languages is removed from our Book of Displine, I will leave to a Church is traditional and biblical stand.

“Our commitment to Church Growth remains steadfast, and we envision a future where our congregations continue to multiply, reaching every corner of the world with the transformative message of God”s love – he said.

The Bishop stated that the Church recognize the importance of holistic learning that encompasses not only Theological knowledge, but also equip individuals to engage with challenges of the present time.

“Our educational initiatives will increasingly emphasize a well – rounded understanding of the intersection between faith, culture and pressing issues of our global community.

The Bishop use the forum to call on all members that left the Church to come back.

“The Bible is sufficient for us. I call on everyone come back and embrace one opinion. I will keep telling members what is Biblical.

He call on Delegates to next year’s Conference of the United Methodist Church coming up in the United States of America to vote NO to Homosexual.

“Homosexuality is not Biblical, and I will not be part of such – he added.

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