900 Israelis murdered, Highest Jewish Casualties since 1948


Opinion: Predictions –

Historically every time Israel is at war it impacts the entire globe, including Nigeria. Israel is America’s presence in the Middle East. A weakened and defeated Israel will be disastrous for American interest. America is ready to break its back to get Israel back up. The following are my predictions.

Gaza – The Israeli defence force (IDF) is getting ready to invade Gaza – this area will become permanently occupied by a new provisionally led Israeli government. The Hamas government will cease to exist. Israel will embark on a measured but brutal takeover of Gaza. Isreal will enter negotiations with Hamas, release all Hamas fighters from its jails and secure the release all its captured citizens held hostage before taking over Gaza permanently. Within 1 year the Hamas central command will relocate from Israel like Hezbollah and in 7yrs Hamas will cease to exist. The IDF will eliminate all Hamas combatants – there will be no jails for them within Israel. This will be a war of annihilation to repay Hamas for these historic atrocities.

West Bank – The Palestinian authority and Israel will begin serious talks for a permanent two state solution. With Israel still holding on to East Jerusalem, perhaps a kind of quasi shared ownership. How this will be achieved is difficult to tell. (Note: Hamas is the Palestinian govt in Gaza while the PLO is the Palestinian govt in the West Bank). Israel will embark on a brutal elimination of all terror within its borders but adopt a pragmatic two State solution. Netanyahu’s right wing government will be replaced in favour of left wing liberal pro two state government.

Russia: The war in Ukraine will be relegated to 2nd place, giving Russia a crucial advantage. The crises in Israel will take at least 4 to 5 years to resolve, in terms of the war and a permanent diplomatic solution. Four years is enough time for Putin to re-establish himself in the West. There will be crucial security votes in the UN and America will need Russia’s vote – not its veto power. Russia has always been pro Palestine. For Russia to support the West, Ukraine will be the trade off. Meaning – NATO will give Russia a gentleman’s agreement that Ukraine will never become a NATO member. Once this happens Russia will withdraw from all uncaptured territories in Ukraine.

Global Economy: There will be Global inflation as Western nations pour in armaments to secure and Israel – while at the same time resettling millions of Palestinians for the two state solution to work. It will cost billions of dollars. There might be a global knock on effect which will impact the world by 2026 as Western nations especially America and Britain attempt to recoup monies invested in the Israeli crises.

Saudi Arabia: All diplomatic talks and negotiations between Israel and the Arabian Kingdom is on hold and may not resume until the current crises is over. A win for Iran and other hardcore anti Israeli Middle East nations.

Nigeria: The price of crude oil will jump in the short term. Conflict in the middle east normally raises crude oil prices. But this will also depend on how wide the conflict expands – sucking in other Arab nations. America is watching Iran closely. If there is any hint that Iran was involved in the planning of Hamas’s invasion of Southern Israel – Israel may take retaliatory strikes on Iran’s nuclear reactor, something doesn’t want because of the wider ramifications in the gulf strait. Nigeria should make quick investments with the expected windfall – against a world inflationary global slump expected between 2026 and 2027.

Ata Ikiddeh

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