Children’s Day : NAWOJ FCT Calls for Protection of Children’s Rights

As Nigerian children join other children globally to celebrate worldwide today, the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ FCT Chapter has joined in celebrating children in Nigeria’s Capital.

The Chairperson NAWOJ FCT, Bassey Ita Ikpang, in the statement tasked parents, CSOs, School Owners, Religious bodies and government to pay proper attention to and protection of children’s basic Rights. Also to ensure that Child Rights are not trampled upon for every child in the FCT. Adding that FCT should set the pace for others to follow.

These basic Child’s Rights, Mrs Ikpang stressed include; Right to Freedom of Movement, Right to Dignity of the Child, Right to survival and Development, Right to freedom from discrimination Education, as well as inclusion to decisions making, healthy environment, assess to Medical health Care, Safety in Schools in order to assure them quality life and growth.

The NAWOJ FCT Chairperson in the statement emphasized the need for parents, Care Givers, Schools, Religious bodies, Local Governments, State Governments and the Federal Government to join forces and noted that it is their responsibility to protect every Nigerian child and formulate policies that carry them along and consider their vulnerability, by protecting their basic Rights.

Mrs Bassey while appreciating the efforts of the Mandate Secretary FCTA Women Affiars and Children Pst Adedayo Benjamins Laniyi since her appointment by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Tasked her to do more for children, especially in ridding the streets of street children, following insecurities in the FCT. She lamented the increased number of children of school age involved in street hawking, rather than being in school.

The Press Statement was jointly signed by the Chairperson Bassey Ita Ikpang and Secretary Nkiru Okeke.

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