Hurray Princess Aria Austin is Two

By Joy Omagha Idam

” Nobody is capable of changing your destiny, except you. Don’t ever allow people’s bad intentions towards you be the reason you aren’t doing well in life.

Don’t” this were the words of Queen Angela Nwosu Austin aka “Digital Ogbanje” the mother of Princess Aria Austin who clocks two years to the glory of God on July 15th 2023. She is a philanthropist. A practical spiritualist. She is a Blue Eye Brand Ambassador and motivator to millions of people all over the world.

According to Queen Angela Nwosu Austin, who hails from Nnewi and married to her heartthrob, Mr SoundMind Austin a Movie producer “I can’t stop thanking God for this bundle of Joy named Princess Aria”.

Hear her ” from nowhere miscreants labelled me on Facebook barren after my marriage to Soundmind, claiming I had taken out my womb, forgetting that the Holy Bible says in Exodus 23:26 “No one shall miscarry or be barren in the land, I will fulfill the numbers of your days”.

According to Queen Angela, the man who led this toxic campaign on Facebook, claimed he was sorry for my husband that “I can’t have a baby because I was wombless”. The universe proved him wrong by gifting Princess Aria to me. Blessings to her father and I kept raining.

” I want to thank God for proving himself by blessing my family with the greatest gift of life Princess Aria who is clocking two years on July 15th 2023. Her arrival into my family heralded the beginning of a new phase in my life” Queen Angela said.

” Im eternally grateful to my husband, My King Soundmind Austin, Another great gift from God to me. I often say it that he is God sent. I love everything about my husband and daughter.

On this occasion of Aria’s birthday I want to thank my husband, my friend and confidant for being by my side 247. Everyday is a Honey moon for us” she declared.

Queen Angela Nwosu Austin is an Entrepreneur, a spiritualist, a phenomenal amazon, a quintessential diva. A lady with a heart of Gold who has touched millions of lives through her positive videos on real life issues profering solutions that have worked for many, I inclusive.

Queen Angela Nwosu Austin told Weekenders magazine that the Secret to her success is giving and giving + more giving. ” Any day I don’t render service to humanity I feel sick. Thus every day of my life I give out and touch at least one to five lives. I encourage everyone to imbibe the culture of giving”.

Queen Angela Nwosu Austin also used the occasion to appreciate her Housekeeper/Aria’s Caregiver Nsikak for doing a yoo man’s job”. If you don’t follow them on Facebook, seeing them together you would conclude that Nsikak who hails from Akwa Ibom State is her younger sister, following the ways she treats her with love for being nice to her daughter Aria. Her life (Nsikak) has been transformed forever thanks to Queen Angela.

Weekenders magazine congratulates Queen Angela for hitting 2 million mark on one of her pages on Facebook a few days ago. And pray for her to meet 10million as her contents always have a positive message/messages. In April 29th 2022 just a week after her birthday she hit 500,000 followers on Facebook.

On March 30th 2023 it grew to 1.3million followers. April 19th 2023 1.4million. May 8th 2023 1.5million. May 26th 2023 1.6million followers. June 9th, 2023 1.7m followers. June 19th 2023, she hit 1.8m and July 3rd 2023, 1.9m followers. On July 13th she hit 2m followers on Facebook. It can only be and her lifestyle of giving.

As Princess Aria Austin clocks two, the entire management and staff of Weekenders Magazine celebrates her and rejoices with her, while praying to God to protect and shield her and family as we would join in marking it by gifting 500 girls sanitary Pads as is our tradition to keep the Girl Child in school. The girls would be drawn from community schools within FCT.

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