Land Banking as an alternative approach to Bank Savings account.

“Instead of keeping money in a bank savings account for so long, save it on land”

Land banking is the practice of buying undeveloped land purely as an investment, with no specific plans for its development. The term can also refer to a situation where a property developer buys a plot of land to develop at some point in the future.

Unlike bank savings that are vulnerable to inflationary risks, land banking a low risk alternative passive Investment worth considering especially for people with good businesses or stable paying job, and have some extra savings which is not allocated for a particular investment.

It’s a good [but long-term] investments for people who have the financial capacity [cash saving] but don’t have the time… maybe because they have full time jobs or they don’t want to take on the high risk investments like starting a business.

My friend bought a strategic plot of land with ready title along Airport road, Lugbe at 9M back in 2012. His intention was to construct but challenges came along and the guy got held. Later, he resorted to business development.

As I write this content now, the similar plot goes for ₦40M+ without any development added! and his business capital has grown massively. If he had secured an acre at ₦72M or less, the guy would be ready to milk ₦320M+ now.

This is the same approach [land banking] most real estate companies that sell plots employ to grow bigger. They buy chunks of land usually in acres, then segment it into plots in a planned estate. They then sell either immediately at higher prices or hold for sometime to appreciate then sell.

Remember that you don’t have to own a company to invest in land banking. You can invest as an individual or a group.

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