Navigating Press Crew : The Ambiguous Adventure

Assistant Director (information and Public Relations)
Federal ministry of information

The press crew is a dynamic and challenging environment, where the burden of responsibility is shared among members. A well-placed “Big Pot” receives different ingredients, combining them in a unique blend. Just as good, bad, and ugly coexist, crew members’ input varies – some contribute positively, others combine good and bad, while some bring ugliness to the forefront. The mix of ingredients determines one’s lifespan in the press crew, whether it’s a short stay, long stay, or something in between.

As the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.” The pot is always on fire, and it’s up to you to add good ingredients to achieve victory and a longer stay. However, planting evil or rotten ingredients can lead to trouble, skepticism, and even exit from the press crew.

Your destiny in the press crew depends on how you handle your “pot” (habits and behavior). You can choose to follow the example of other crew members, whose “pots” may contain good or bad ingredients. Alternatively, you can use your “Dummy” (intuition) as a roadmap to navigate ambiguity and avoid getting stuck in a rut. Remember, your behavior (ingredients) determines your stay on the press rail track.

In summary, be gentle with the gentle ones, and tough with the tough ones. Remember, every friend has an enemy in the press crew, the home of ambiguous adventure.

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