NAWOJ FCT Calls on FG, Stakeholders to Make Sanitary Pads Available in Schools and Offices

The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, (NAWOJ) Federal Capital Territory,(FCT), has called on the Federal Government and relevant Stakeholders to make Sanitary Pads available at all Schools and Offices, following to rising cost of Pads. This call was made during the May Congress of the Association.

The Chairperson FCT NAWOJ Comrade Bassey Ita-Ikpang, discussed on variety of issues concerning both the state of the Union and the nation as a whole.

The Congress welcomed the presence of Digital Rights Lawyer, Barrister Mojirayo Ogunlana, who discussed Virtual Gender-Based Violence. A highlight of the Congress was a visit by the Executive Director of Men Against Rape, Lemmy Ughegbe. Both guests enlightened the members on how to protect themselves as female journalists operating in a virtual space marred by violence, which has the potential to deter them from producing reports that can positively impact society.


Ahead of the International Menstrual Day coming up on 28 of May, NAWOJ FCT decried the lack of attention by stakeholders to the rising cost of sanitary pads for girls and women, stating that the effect could impede on the mental, psychological overall well-being of girls and women in Nigeria.

In addition, the Association lamented the low quality of the pads being produced, which contributes to their ineffectiveness whenever they are used.

To address the issues raised, regarding the rising cost and low quality of sanitary pads, NAWOJ FCT called on the Federal Government and relevant stakeholders to provide subsidies for sanitary pads to make them more affordable.

To further support women’s health and hygiene, the Association proposed that sanitary pads be made available in every public restroom, ensuring that every woman has access to them at any time.

This initiative would not only provide immediate relief in emergencies but also promote menstrual hygiene and dignity for all women.

As an additional solution to the challenges faced by girls, particularly in the FCT, the Association urges its members to take responsibility for supporting a girl child wherever they find one in need. This doesn’t necessarily mean bringing them into their homes, but rather providing assistance and guidance to ensure their well-being. By adopting this approach, members can create a support network for girls, offering them the care and resources they need until the government steps in to provide further assistance.

The Association also highlighted the escalating prices of drugs, attributing this to the departure of pharmaceutical companies from the country. It called on the Federal Government to intervene to stabilize drug prices and ensure the availability of essential medications.

The Association also commended the government for its efforts in combating insecurity. However, it urged the government to intensify its efforts to ensure the safety of all Nigerians at all times.

Also, NAWOJ FCT highlighted the increasing hardship and cost of living in Nigeria, particularly in the FCT, and observed that many women within the FCT are beginning to experience mental health issues and are seen roaming the streets.

It called on the Social Development Secretariat which is tasked with the responsibility of intervening in such menace in the FCT to take immediate action to address this growing concern. It added that sanitation in the FCT has deteriorated citing Kado Estate, where refuse has not been disposed of for more than three weeks.

The Association called on the FCT administration to ensure proper sanitation in the community.

The Congress attended by 76 members was supported by the Africa Health Budget Network.

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