Rufai Oseni is More than a Journalist (OAP)

RUFAI OSENI is one of the BEST talk show hosts/anchors in the world. He is better than some on CNN, Fox, CBS, Al Jazeera and BBC.
It is illiterate to confuse a TALK SHOW HOST/Anchor and a JOURNALIST 🙄🤷‍♂️ They are also known as On Air Personalities ( OAP).

A journalist tries to accurately convey truthful information in an accessible and efficient way.

A talk show host’s/anchor’s first responsibility is to entertain and be likeable. They can also inform, but they make no promises their information is unbiased or even accurate.🤷‍♂️ They freestyle, rely on personal style to make the story or show/ interview more interesting, they can be nice, patronizing, ass kissing, abrasive, annoying, conceited, cantankerous , discourteous, impolite, audacious, litigious et al, that’s the brand ok

Watch Mehdi Hassan, Chelsea chandler, Tucker Carlson, Piers Morgan. Rufai is in that class. He is so good at what he does in context of his job on TV.

Nigeria has some persons in public office who daily insult our collective intelligence and sensibilities. So, when they meet Rufai it becomes UFC smack down to our delight. Did you see that senator who told Seun of Channels TV that they bought SUVs worth N160m a piece while the nation starves, because’ we have bad roads in our constituencies’? Seun was mild . That Senator can’t try that with Rufai, him go drag am wella.

Oseni is young, educated, well traveled, very influential and informed. He is a BBC Bristol Analyst on African Issues since 2014-till date.

Rufai has been a featured Guest Speaker at top Ivy League towers including Cambridge University and the University of Sussex, amongst others. Rufai is a toastmaster par excellence. He has moderated panel sessions for various ministries of the Nigerian government and the government of Mauritius.
He is a passionate teacher and has taught the English Language at the National Open University of Nigeria’s various study centers. He has a network of over 5000 Nigerian students he mentors across Nigerian universities.

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