And Ovieteme George of Arise News Bayelsa Emerges Winner

Ovieteme George congratulations once again on your recent award as the Reporter of the year in the Nigeria broadcasting Award.

As ARISE News Correspondent in Bayelsa state, Ovieteme George, emergence as best reporter is well deserved.

This man’s does his reportage with so much passion, the way and manner he carries out his job is an envy to all, it cannot be compared.

It is not only on the job, Ovie made me to understand that in this life one has to be serious with whatever assignment we are saddled with.

Whatever he is faced with he does it with all his heart, he does not believe in failure, even as a footballer in the NUJ team, if football is a one man show we won’t loose any match, that’s the kind of energy he displays even on the pitch.

Hence making other team members feeling that he is authoritative, but the truth is that Ovieteme George as a person does not believe in failure.

Whatever he does, its done with all his mind to make sure it comes out as one of the best.

Emerging as the Reporter of the Year, Is not surprising to me, his too much energy and passion for his job earned him the victory.

The Nigeria Broadcasting Awards as a platform created by the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria to recognize, celebrate and reward professional excellence in the country’s broadcasting industry is indeed a very good and encouraging one.

By Timinipre Jombo Idoko

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